Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Elaine DeGiorgio, April 30th, 2017

Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence connecting to my Higher Self, my Main Guide Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I am graced with the presence of Mother Mary who imparted this message earlier today:-

I Mother Mary, come forth to impart blessing on you all and to shine the radiant light to all in embodiment on Gaia at this time.

Blessed Ones I speak now to you all about your Divine Plan. The Divine Plan of the Earth Plane and the Divine Plan for you… Let me begin with you.

This plan truly is the blueprint for your current lifetime but very much a part of the blueprint for your entire sojourn in the material universe. Before you come down into your next embodiment, you will have several councils with your spiritual teachers, in which you will define a very specific divine plan for what you want to accomplish in your next lifetime. What I am saying here is that before you came down into your current embodiment, you met with your spiritual teachers and created a very detailed plan for what you want to learn, what you want to experience and what portions of your past karma you need to overcome in this lifetime. My beloveds, the greatest joy you can experience is to know that you are fulfilling your divine plan, that every aspect of your life is in alignment with that plan. This truly is the abundant life.

We might say that as the Conscious You descends into the dense energies of the physical body, it is almost inevitable that you forget your divine plan. Even the most spiritually aware people forget most of their divine plan, although many people have a strong intuitive sense, of what they want to do in life. Therefore, as a spiritual seeker you should expect that you need to make an effort to reconnect to your divine plan.
Why is it important to reconnect to your divine plan? Well, besides the goal of attaining greater peace of mind and a deep sense of meaning, it will also give you very specific directions for your current lifetime. You might even look back at your life and see that you have had certain unpleasant experiences or have done certain things that might seem life mistakes. Yet when you reconnect to your divine plan, you are likely to discover that this was something you had to do. The reason might be that you needed to learn a lesson, that you were trying to help other people learn a lesson or that you had some karma from past lives that brought about this experience.

So beloveds do not be disheartened. Many lessons are to be learnt during your stay on the Earth, and as you learn and as you grow you blossom like flowers.

Now is the time to connect with your hearts and to overcome the dualistic ways in which serve you no justice. It is now time to enter into oneness. For it is the Duality that is very strong at this time on the Earth it is what we call the anti-christ consciousness that is existing thus creating a great separation, an illusion. As you are shifting and integrating you raise your vibration entering you into the new paradigm of Christ Consciousness, of Cosmic Consciousness, of Love and Compassion.

In doing this you are shifting the Karmic Ties that have held you in this life and in past lives and as they are surfacing now – they are healed. And as you receive this healing you are being released, being freed.

There is the Divine Plan for your life to evolve to grow, to nuture and to be of great service… to yourselves to each other and to humanity.

Humanity is in need of the Love and the Light and the Healing. There is much conflict, much war, much hatred, and many have succumbed to the vices on your earth and we work with many at this time to shift to heal to mend.

We say brethren look deep within your hearts, for it is there that you will find the love and the answers that you seek. It begins with you. Love thyself beloveds, for it is when you love thyself you are able to reflect that love out to others. When you shine your light and your love out you receive it back threefold.

When you shine you light and love out, Humanity receives that threefold.

So it is time to step into love to compassion to peace to humility and to service…

Blessings, I AM Mother Mary and I speak through Elaine this day.

» Source – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio