Padme via Angel Skog, June 27, 2019


June 27, 2019

Channeled by Angel Skog

Dear lightworkers,

It is with joy that I can look out over the etheric field of Earth and see how so many of us are a wake, conscious and active in our unique ways. Our collaboration, passion and determination gives a joy and solace to the inner child that in this incarnation looks out over the light of the moon and wonders who will help humans to be free from their sufferings.

However, here we are now, everybody, together, ready and fully engaged in doing it – help humans to free themselves from their suffering. I bow humbly to you, and to my own journey. Wow how far we have traveled yet again – how I have lost myself during this journey, abused my power and let the darkest darkness of the ego and its greediness guide me forward. And, all these people that I have caused to suffer.

Oh, my friends, finally it is over, this karmic cykel of suffering and lessons. Finally, it is time for us to again wake up to our full light and power – our mission in honor of God. I am here now, ready with humbleness seeing the difficulties of humanity and the lessons of the soul – humble, since I have myself walked the darkest roads, as I have murdered, raped, abused and manipulated.

I bow to you, my masters, all of you from the most unaware to the most conscious. I bow to you as I have seen the light in darkest of darkness, within the most unaware of the unawares. I have seen it through myself – a master lost on Earth, a fallen angel who has forgotten her mission. I am here now, awake again to the truth and ready to stand at your side. My friends, nobody is left behind, neither dark nor light. Nobody is left behind God’s light and love, as we are all one!

With all my love and gratitude

Padme (San)







Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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