Sananda via Jennyli Gustavsson, June 23, 2019


June 23, 2019

Channel Jennyli Gustavsson

The theme for today is to show how you handle the climbing up the thread, but using the Only Seeing. With winds in your sail you now enter onto a long journey. The summer solstice causes a powerful tone of loving timely flows. Humans are now shining by their own power, but yet she does not seem to understand her own powers of creation. Humanity is shining with the light of eternity now, but she seems not yet to understand the greatness in her own soul. Make it possible for the apparent to disappear from your world once and for all. Music and dance is a nice way to lift veil of the apparent. The apparent is something that our eyes fall for. However, the true and genuine bibliograhy is spelled CH-ear. CH stands for Christ Inspiration. With the Only Seeing you see the truth of light wash through all life on Earth. The most important in the time that is now is to see the truth of light wash through everything that is alive. Disagreements that arise between different living individuals in the world are as a result of you not seeing the true light penetrate all life on Earth. The one who does not see the world with the Only Seeing has a hard time to feel fellowship with all life. Disagreements thus arise completely unnecessarily.

Today’s theme is a call to view the world with the Only Seeing. Music and dance will let the feelings of fellowship and community surface when you observe your fellow humans. Music and dance unity you and let you walk through life with a connected vision. School says you should see the truth in what other people have considered about life. However, I say that you should yourself consider life and see the truth. You know what the truth is. You know what is right. Humans know what is right and correct if they act from the highest inner truth about life. What we mean is that if a human get to develop not influenced or impacted in accordance with the universal laws about life, there is nobody that would act from egoism and be hateful to each other. The eternal law of life creation is built into each human from the beginning of time. It is unchallenged truth. However, there is a false and toneless that has been introduced in the world that puts the lid on the melody of freedom, deep down in the heart space of humans.

At the same time as this tune is played, at the right frequency, the door to your heart space is opened up. It is the path of the truth that in turn opens up the ability to see with the Only Seeing. It is when you “tune wise” open up the portal in your throat that the ability to create life becomes a part of your being. The creation will then continue according to the highest universal truth about life. My advice to you during these days of celebration of the summer solstice is to allow yourself to open the door to your inner heart space. Utter a sigh of relief when you see people take each other’s hands. Follow their blessed joy of life and see the joy in the children when they turn in the dance. Foster your own seeing to follow the path of Only Seeing, through the third eye. Breathe a sigh of relief when the other seeing pliable frequency lands on your inner field of flowers, as a bee lands on a beautiful flower and pollinate it. The pollination is happening because you let the only seeing be woken up through you. The creation process continues in order to protect your flower that soon will bear fruit. Breathe a sigh of relief when the highest light from eternity and from Mother Earth is swept around you as a light robe.

Let yourself enthusiastically be pulled into the eternal dance. Turn around in the dance and let your beautiful dress shape itself as a “luminate” flower around your body. You are now ringing of an eternal light. You re-tuned the false tone within you that has laid a lid on your souls connection to the eternal and only life. Breathe a sigh of relief when you understand that what you need to do is to see with the Only Seeing. In order to see with the only seeing you need to take up the tone in your throat, which is the very in- and out, the soul’s freedom portal. Breathe a sigh of relief and feel how it feels in your throat. The creation process will continue with the amber there in your heart – the sun in your inner sky – gets the force and air to burn. See each eternal storm in your heart as a way for us to reach into your inner heaven. See each storm in your life as an attempt to free yourself from the toneless hold of your throat. You are the way, the truth and life. You are the warm summer wind’s hope of an eternal life on Earth. You are the way towards a unified seeing and united consciousness. The creation is really divine in itself. Humans who say otherwise just want control and benefit from the creations of other people. Music and dance will come in order to show the way to the Only Seeing, which releases your divine abilities, as it pollinates your inner midsummer field. The creation that is the fruit of this pollination is your inner child – your Christ Consciousness.

With hope of the miracle of resurrection within all of you I follow you gently and with great love. The answers to your questions are coming now at a very high pace. May your path meet you! Your will be done as in heaven within and on Earth without/outside. The new Human is YOU. The world is waiting for You! Nothing happens by accident in the divine world. Everything is happening for a reason – see this reason for what it is. Trust that hypocritical and apparent reasons will disappear ever faster. Only true reasons for developments in the world are allowed to remain. Have trust. You are not alone. The word that is written follows the eternal cosmic laws and the highest divine covenant holy manifests. Child of man on Earth – the truth will flow over your world and free it from apparency. The true light is then all that can be seen, experienced and permeate you. Be blessed, in the infinite eternity.

Mastership is a gift that you all carry. Face your own mastership by daring to use The Only Seeing that shines through you and from you. Admit to you own grandeur, so that the light of truth gets somewhere to reside. Your kingdom is eternity’s eternal residence on Earth. Thy will will be done! Amen!

He who came in the name of the Lord!

Jesus Christ



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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