Sananda/Jesus via Ann Dahlberg, June 25th, 2019


June 25th, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Jesus and today we will ponder about who we are. Yes, we are humans in a world full of other microscopic beings. We are not so big in the Universe, but we are a part of the Universe. There is nothing that is separate in the Universe. It is only a part of the illusion or development that humanity is in that makes it seem this way. In reality we are connected with everything, exactly as we see in nature. In nature there is a constant interchange between different organisms. They grow and change as conditions change.

This is also happening within your humanity. From the primitive man to todays modern human being there has been a large development and the conditions for the existence of humans has changed a grand way. Today’s human is now in the process of trying to balance the emotional development with the intellectual development. Both needs to be in balance in order for the outcome to become as good as possible. The psychological development is equally important as the intellectual in order for the world you live is to function for everything and everybody. Many scientists have realized this and they have understood that there is a higher being that influences everything living on Earth. There is no chance that can measure up to the masterpiece that is apparent everywhere they look with open and observant eyes. Everything is so well planed in detail and constructed and with such exquisite precision all the way into the microscopic level that they understand there must be a divine thought behind. This has been revealed to many researchers and it is also available to humanity.

The pure materialism is beginning to yield to a larger understanding that we are something more – something that has not yet been fully understood and that cannot be measured in time and space. This something does not exist in time and space and one must thus go outside the framework in the previously accepted science. This can create resistance, a force between two forces, a resistance against change. However, the change is unavoidable. Humanity is directed upwards in its development and the force that is causing this the All and nothing can stop its will to transform and make humanity conscious of who they really are – a loving creator with unlimited power and peace. It is in this way that peace is born on Earth. Humans have achieved balance between its psyche and its intellect. They are filled with love, peace and power. They now have the power to transform their world to the most beautiful of worlds. All of your creative creations can now get an outlet and the most beautiful landscape and the most beautiful buildings can now be formed. Everything you create is in harmony with the environment where the creation is taking place. Peace can now reign on Earth for all the beings that reside there. Everything will grow and change together with your consciousness and great capacity for love.

Nothing can come of nothing, but something can come out of something. You are now the new creators and masters on Earth together with the nature and the beings who inhabit it. This is your future, dear humans, and it exists also in your now. Everything is already here for you to partake of dear friends. It is just your own higher consciousness that needs to be revealed to you. The veils on Earth are now thin and ease to penetrate. Seek out your inner voice or feeling and let it guide you forward now. It takes you through the remaining veils so that you eye becomes clairvoyant and your heart gets the peace it needs.

I am with you, my love comes with you.

Your ever brother, Jesus.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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