Platos speaks via Jacquelyn Fox, September 20th, 2018

September 20th, 2018

Session with Plato for Sananda

Channeled by Jacquelyn Fox (J)


Note from J: Before Plato begins, I would like to announce that I will be including at the end of each channeling session a small glossary of common terminology that comes through in my readings. I will add to it as I go along. I hope this will be helpful to readers who may be new and unfamiliar with Plato’s sometimes unusual phrasing.


Plato is speaking:

“Right-minded students of Light gently enter into the healing others in life, filling life with the healing power of God. Sometimes however, they find that life resists healing, ending in an undesired outcome. In such cases, the healer often feels as if they have failed, but quite the opposite is true. Holding eager hope only in life-healing is opening the door to disappointment. A Light healer must have an understanding of true healing, not just of the body but of the spirit. In some cases, physical healing is not in the highest good of the spirit. Gearing all of one’s efforts towards physical healing is a misguided notion. True healing is bringing one’s spirit into alignment with God. Efforts to heal the physical body may not be aligned with that goal. For one to be in alignment with God in Light, one must realize one’s eternal nature, ponder ideas of free will and also of Karma.


In Light, great consideration is given to life planning. Much planning is put into creating a life that fulfills the needs of the soul. Fervently gearing that life toward a mode that will move the soul upwards in its climb to enlightenment. Light does not judge life experiences as good or bad. All experiences provide enlightenment. In a quiet bond with the soul, the spirit inhabiting the physical body experiences life for the soul, which always remains in Light. Long lives of suffering move the soul toward enlightenment quickly, so they are greatly valued by Light. Great life suffering limits the physical body but lifts the soul, so lives of suffering are in alignment with God in Light. Simply put, life suffering is required for soul growth. More than just happiness is needed in a life for that life to be a full life. Gentle Light knows that suffering is part of life’s dance and must be experienced, but we also have great compassion for those suffering.


In Light, eager pushing of night-light from the living is practiced. If energy from us can help lift those in suffering, we extend our energy fully to that goal. But we are held back sometimes by the soul of that person who is experiencing the plight. Sometimes that person’s soul holds up a hand to stop us in order that a crucial life experience proceed. Most of the time, logging of that life experience lands closely in alignment with the promotion of the soul’s required Karmic payments. In such cases, we must defer to the higher good of all those involved. Casting plight as all bad is short-sighted. In Light, plight undoes accumulated past life Karma. Long, broken lives are actually great reducers of Karmic debt. If the holder of Karmic debt is held back from experiencing the required plight, then the debt is carried over to the next life. In Light, we would consider that a limiting outcome.


Getting back to how this affects healing: If the life plan of the one you are attempting to heal is one that requires the physical suffering to be fully experienced, then Light cannot lift that suffering from that person’s life experience. In other words, if suffering is part person’s soul plan, then the healing of that suffering is not possible. This is a difficult thing for many in life to understand. They often weep over the seeming unfairness of it all, but it is only unfair in life, not in Light, not in the bigger picture.


So how does the healer help those in such a situation? By offering healing for their spirit. Karmic debt can be lifted if the lesson needed to pay the debt is learned. Karma is not punishment. Hundreds of years of Karmic debt can disappear in an instant if the lesson held within that debt is opened and examined. Helping someone heal their Karmic debt is often birthing a new life experience for them. Long limitation fades and a new peace begins for them. Such healing acts to heal the spirit and when the spirit heals, the physical body follows. There are times however, when the soul’s life plan requires woeful physical limitations play out until the end of life. In such cases, no physical healing of the body is possible. Then Light must focus on healing the spirit’s mode of accepting the required experience and gaining enlightenment from it.


Great healers align in life with an open-minded understanding of healing. True healing involves one’s Karma and one’s spirit, not just one’s body. Eager healers question the bond with Light Truth often in this regard. Gentle Light understands. Life’s dance with suffering is not bonded as a punishment, it is bonded as a growth experience. Remember that dear ones, as you embark upon your journey as healers. Until next time, be well my friends.”


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Glossary of common terms and their meanings:

Light – This term is used in multiple ways. Often it is used to describe the existence beyond physical life, commonly referred to as “Heaven” or the afterlife. They also use it to describe spiritual energy or consciousness, the energy that makes up everything that exists. They also use it to describe a state of positive, enlightened existence in alignment with God. They also tend to use it as a name for the collective enlightened consciousness, the guides, teachers and masters in spirit who reach out to us.

Night-light – They use this term to describe anything, living or in spirit, that is not in alignment with God. Not a positive state, but rather one of sadness, fear, anger or any other kind of suffering. “Night-light spirits” are spirits in a state of negative emotions and suffering, not aligned with peace and happiness. They are in need of healing.

Light Pondering – Light pondering is the quieting of the mind to allow ideas of spirit to enter, through meditation, divination or dream work.

Light Minds – Light minds in life are those people living who have a mind-connection to spirit: mediums, intuitives and other lightworkers.

Loitering Spirits – Spirits in a state of night-light who are attracted to the energy of the living.

Logging – The recording of an experience in one’s Akashic Record.