Saint Balthazar via Beatrice Madsen, August 29th, 2018

Saint Balthazar

August 29th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen

I am Balthazar, dear friends, Saint Balthazar. Once upon a time I followed the star that led us to our great savior and bringer of love as one of the three wise men. Imagine when we realized that she was in place, the star woke us up, said that now it is time, follow me, follow, follow me. We had long studied, been prepared and waited for the great wonder that was to come. We knew what many others did not know. The star would lead us to a new time, new energy and frequency. Our walk was full of joy, exciting and inspiring and exhausting, but our longing to see the little miracle was not the least exhausting. We came with a gift that each had a quality that would help the little family and the large soul. Once we arrived the joy was enormous and we fell down as intoxicated on our knees in front of the wonder to which we had dedicated our lives to meet and experience. We understood that we lived in a special time, a time of breaking off, and we entered wholeheartedly into being part of this. The tempo was then different, not so much sounds and distractions as you have now dear friends. During the night we Wise men could undisturbed study the stars and their orbits, wisdom and directions. No strong electrical lights or waves made our star connections more difficult. We were well regarded Wise men in the area where we were and had the joy to jointly be able to share the knowing of the new.

I also want you to feel this way, beloved co-worker in the new time that is under way and partially in place. See with excitement and joy on all that is new, fine, wise and loving that now pulsates onto your Earth plane. Now it is again the time, my friends. The savior is born in multitude. Wave after wave of energy is his prodigious, light filled love working its way into the material and transforms it, transforms the darkness to light and makes it easier to breathe out the remaining tough and blinded matrix. Nothing can stop it to the despair of the dark. The salvation pushes forward. Stardust after stardust shines through and shows the way, as we did towards the new.

I wish for you to let your eyes take in the pearl strewn night sky when you can in the evenings. After you have slowed down and calm yourselves to go to bed then stop for a moment and look up as the sky darkens in the evening. See how each star twinkles intimately and encouraging to you. It says, I see you, I see you – do not be afraid my star friend. Battle on with your light and bring in the new in the new era. The star is smiling and is eternally grateful of being connected with you and tells you – I see you, I see you, battle on, be not afraid, the new is born and we are proud of you beloved star child on Earth.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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