Sananda/Jesus via Ann Dahlberg, April 27th, 2019


April 27th, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Jesus and I come today to encourage the children of the world to seek their inner light. This, your secret light, is the most important that you have. It is the essence of what you are. It shows the path to your own holy portal. Be not afraid to follow the light. Be not afraid to abandon the glamour of this world, which only is a false dress-up of glitter and beautiful stone, which falls apart as soon as you scratch the surface a bit. Seek your own golden light, that lasts forever, and its equal cannot be found anywhere else.

You are so much loved, dear humans on Earth, and so well preserved in the mind of your Father so that nothing evil can befall you. Only you decide which voice to listen to – the voice that expresses love in all it sees and hears, or the voice that expresses fears and attacks everything coming in its way. Which world do you want – a peaceful, loving world, or a world full of fear and revenge. You can choose, my dear friends on Earth. It is your decision that will color the world you choose. A loving decision is preferable if you want to experience peace and unconditional love. Your thoughts must be filled with love to what you can see and hear, and let go of all thoughts of revenge and hate. These two thoughts cannot be in the same room. Ask your holy self to remove everything negative in your mind, and let the light shine off everything that is dark and filled of fears. Once your decision has been made your help will be right there.

I, Jesus, am with each one of you who makes the decision to only cultivate love. Give me your darkness and your fears and they will be turned to dust at your feet. You do not need to do this alone, you just need to express your wish that you now want to follow your light and spread love within you and outside. Everything is already forgiven and your wish to live in love is also the will of your Father. We are all one and as one we are love and all that we create consists of love. It is in this force that you are invincible and eternal. It is in God’s true power that your power becomes complete. It is in the light of your soul, which was created by God, that your divinity exists. God shares everything with his children in love, humbleness and gratitude. Be certain that you always will be taken care of and loved. Whenever you choose to enter into the kingdom of love the portal will open up for you. You will receive all the help that exists from God’s own helpers in order for you to take these steps back into the realm of light and love.

God’s heart is big and in love and light he takes all of you in his embrace. The love of your Father is unconditional and eternal. He only sees the divine creations that you are and as he created you. Feel the blessing and the love that streams from him to you, through us from our Father’s Kingdom. Feel the love that is awoken in your heart and hear its calling. It calls on you, it knocks on your door, it wants to wake you up so that you understand who you are deep inside – a loving child of God, a divine being with unique gifts that are waiting to be distributed to each one of you who need them. You carry to song of salvation in your hearts and you can redeem this world from darkness and fear.

Much love,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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