A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, April 27th, 2019

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

April 27th, 2019

Channel: Carina


Dear Lightbeings, dear humans on Earth,

There are those of you who right now are very confused. You are confused because you do not recognize yourselves. You are confused because you do not feel at home in your bodies, in your actions, in your situations and in your circumstances. You have woken up to a New World and you understand nothing, you might say.

Dear hearts, in our world we see your confusion as something very beautiful. You glitter of light at a level where the dark earlier has been deposited as a layer of fear and worries. Now when you have opened up your minds wide open for the light and the love that you have in your heart you become worried that you are completely loosing your footing on Earth. All of a sudden nothing is like before within you and as your inner reflects everything in your outer you do not recognize the outer either. It truthfully not strange that your poor brains and your humans feelings experience a complete confusion.

Beloved friends, everything is in order. Everything is exactly as it should be and we promise you that you within a near future will understand what is beautiful and fantastic in this process and then you will feel very happy and at peace with yourself and that which you have achieved.

As what is happening right now is that your very light and loving hearts how have opened themselves up to receive yet more light at the same time as the separation membrane between your heart and all your human senses now are disappearing completely. This separating membrane has earlier separated your human senses from your hear and you have experienced that you could pass between your spiritual world and your human world. You have so to speak been able to keep your spiritual life completely to yourself in your chamber. However, when you have gone to work, gone to a family reunion or gone grocery shopping you have stepped over from your heart to your senses, taken on your human self in order to adjust yourself in what is expected by you as human. When you then have come home to yourself again after mission complete you have slowed down your senses, stepped over into your heart, dismantled your human self and taken a deep breath.

It might sound strange, but the situation on Earth has required that you lived these double lives during this transition phase. You have been in the vanguard of this transformation and it has been extremely difficult for you to have a regular job or to be part of a so called normal three dimension context if you had shown your spiritual self completely. You have lived a double life and that has been completely ok.

When your senses now are being filled with light from your hearts large amounts of your old fears are dissolved at the same time as the light is highlighting everything your minds and sense that is not compatible with your heart, which creates yet more fears. You might have been completely convinced that you want to work at a certain job or live in a certain relationship, but when your heart now has its say without a filter you become aware that this is not at all correct. You then become terrified as you cannot see a solution to the situation that has appeared and maybe you do not know at all what you want as a result. How do you encourage you to just take it easy and bide your time? All these situations will become clearer to you and your soul has everything under control. The version of yourself that you have experienced has been part of the illusion and now when the illusion disappears the true picture of your life becomes and everything will fall in place. Please act on all feelings that are of love, but hold and ride out the storm of fears until they calm down and you can make decisions regarding your new life from a platform of love. When you feel well you make good decisions for yourself.

Some of you become very tired from all these changes. You experience that you hardly have the energy to move around and that your thought power is very slow. We want to send stimulating energies to all of you simply by you asking us for this. We ask you to take the energy you have and to use part of it for physical activity as circulation is required in your bodies when all these energies are to be moved around in your bodies and lives. Do you understand what we mean? This transformation is very powerful and it is taking place at a cellular level in your bodies. All the old energies need to be shipped off by your physical body’s own system and if you move you help your body to get rid of the and put the new in place. One could say that energy is required in the form of physical movement in order to have the stamina to transform this energy. With moving we mean of course to do this the best way you can and where you are right now. You must understand that your bodies need all the help they can get now from you and are so grateful that you choose to help them with this. Your bodies also need help in the form of water that you drink in order to cleanse all the old dross that has formed when the energies change. They also gratefully receive vegetables, berries and fruits as they have a high energy level in themselves, which helps the bodies to raise up in energy.

Many of you are very much enslaved under the dark’s old propaganda that you must eat good food and move about in order for you to look good and be acceptable to your environment. We want to resolutely emphasize that this has nothing at all to do with that. This is about you helping your body that is you, that your spiritual self, your soul, has chosen to reside in during this challenging journey on Earth. No bodies have previously experienced to be transformed in this manner and it is important that you collaborate with them so that they have the stamina to be healthy and feel good. It is a matter of self love and nothing else.

We wish you now good luck with your transformations. Still yourselves and enjoy the knowing that you now are developing, or rather being recreated, to a light, high and beautiful version of yourselves.

We are here and we love you.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website


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