Sananda/Jesus via Ann Dahlberg, April 3d, 2019


April 3d, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Jesus and I walk with you now dear humans on Earth. It is an important time now for Earth and for you. New constellations bear witness of a new level of awareness and a higher ability to see – To see what is important for Earth and yourselves. Look with open eyes at your sisters and brothers – eyes that see your brother and sister for the first time in spite of the fact that you might have known them for your whole life. A new vigilance and understanding has emerged within you. Your curiosity as to what this might mean stimulate you to look extra carefully at things around you.

Has something changed or is it only me who look differently at everything now?

If it is so that you look differently at life all around you then life around you will change according to your view. Everything becomes different when you shift your perceptions. How it changes depends on which mind you use. If you use your heart-mind everything will take on a lighter tone, but if it is your ego-mind it will immediately become a bit greyer. You understand which mind you use from how it feels light and easy or grey and heavy. Even the ego-mind can be a little light sometimes, but then there is always some condition attached that you have better follow. The heart-mind is lighter and freer and you do not fell bound by anything. These two minds are interchanged within many on Earth today, but it cannot become complete until you are fully and completely in your heart-mind. It is then that you can feel your strength and your great potential to change everything that you want to change with the help of the guidance that you have within you.

All humans on Earth should today seek their inner guidance, as the call from your Father has reached Earth and time is here to again return home to the realm that you belong to. Earth has started its expiation and many humans follow in her footsteps. The time is here to let go of all the old and release oneself of any thought of guilt. One way to do this is to live in the now and act in the moment. In the now there is no guilt – there is only a now. Look at the small children – they play in the now and no guilt exist as long as nobody puts it there. For the most part you lift up the child and help it along on its journey if something unjust happens. This view does however no longer apply to the grown up brother or sister. What if you had the same view of seeing things regardless if you meet small or large – A little help on the way and a pat on the shoulder as you look at the light mind that burns within each one of us. We are beyond the gravitation of guilt and instead wake up love – the flame of love that shines in everybody with different lights. Do you think that the world would change if you faced everybody with the same love in your hearts? I am very sure that much would change direction and that a whole new world would open up for all who walked that Earth.

It is exactly that path that I am trying to get you to follow – The light loving path where light and peace embraces everybody that you meet.

Walk with me in love and I will walk with you in love. We are all bothers and sisters and together we become one with all that is.






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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