Sananda via Eli Galla, April 24, 2019

Sananda via Eli Galla | April 24, 2019

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Ah, yes. It is so wonderful to be with you once again. And we feel your hearts rise up in this moment. And the unison that you feel with one another in these high-vibrating energies, that continuously come into your Beloved Planet. It is in alignment with the Mission that we have undertaken to help guide you through, and expand, and raise the level of vibration, because Love is expansive. It is all inclusive. It takes into account all of the dimensions. It does not try to shield us from anything that there is to be experienced. But it lets us know that we are the Divine Co-Creators of our reality by allowing ourselves to think, to be Love, to be loving thoughts, to raise the level of the vibration in such circumspect, total spirals of energy that emanate all throughout Creation, and raise the level of the vibration even more and more.

And it is so very wonderful for us to be a part of this because all of you, who want to, are ascending. And you will be with us. And we are so very happy about this, because you have worked so hard. You have done something we see that many, many of the beings over on the other side —

Now, you’ve got to understand that they are in a high vibration, at a high level of awareness, being over on the other side, and they still didn’t really think you could do it, not in the way that you have. And they see that the plans are in place, along with us. And that for all practical purposes, all of you Beloved Beings will be able to ascend and feel this glory of the LoveLight permeate your conscious awareness, to such a degree of saturation, where this Oneness will be second nature to you. And it will fulfill all of your Requirements to feel Love, and to feel no separation at all from Creator Source.

So my Beloved Brothers and Sisters, do not despair over your tests and challenges. Allow yourself to fly with the passions, that you hold so tender and dear. And recognize yourselves as Divine Co-Creators, as Divine Artists for painting a landscape, a tapestry, so awe inspiring to the rest of Creation.

We love you so very much. Call on any one of us, or all of us, any time you want to commune with our hearts and raise the level of the vibration with us.

Namaste and good night.

by Eli Galla