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Sanat Kumara via Ann Dahlberg, June 17th

Sanat Kumara

Friday, June 17th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Sanat Kumara. I have come here today to speak with the people. I have a few wise words to tell them. Earth is now fulfilling its promise of finding her way home to her divine origin with all the lessons that she has received in her lower dimensionality. This wisdom you share with Gaia, as you are all One. There are many eras of wisdom that you now bring with you in to the higher dimension. You have trained your spirituality in a physical existence and you are now on your way to become physical angels. This is a breakthrough of large proportions, as it is happening at such a large scale that it concerns a whole planet. The interest is huge up here in your entire forward movement. Everything is observed and carefully documented.

There are many who want to give you a helping hand. There are beings from many different planetary systems with many different specialties. Everybody is ready to offer their specific knowledge to you, when the time is right. Your wish is our law and everything that you wish you can have. Do not be afraid to wish, we love to help to fulfill your wishes. You know that a thought is as powerful as what you write down with words. Be careful with your thoughts. If a wrong thought shows up try to change it as soon as possible. Everything that you do, think and say is important watch now. I mean that it can be good to watch one’s thoughts to have the opportunity to change them and in this way change old patterns and advance in one’s one development. It is with this that the third wave of energy can be helpful. This wave can help many people to wake up and to advance in their development.

It is as many Masters and prophets have said – the time is now, it is now that you are on your way, to your life’s happiest journey. A journey in triumph because of all you have experienced and withstood in order to have the opportunity to become a physical angel. Not only you, but you will bring with you a whole world. It is a grand dream that is now being fulfilled. It is a dream that you share with many in this Universe. Do you understand now your importance, dear children? It is not only your dream that you are fulfilling. This is why there is so much interest in Earth and its dealings at this time. Everybody wants to help the best way they can – As you share the same dream.

Many planets and planetary systems have sent their brave men and women here. They have different kinds of knowledge that can fit into Earth’s ascension now. You find yourself in a multiplicity, dear children on Earth – A multiplicity of different experiences and knowledge from far and near. Everything is for your best and Gaia’s – Your best as a collective unit, since it as a collective that you will ascend this time. It makes it all a little different and harder. You have shown proof of endurance and patience, this we are very grateful for and proud of.

The Light embraces you now dear children on Earth and helps you go forward step by step. Watch your thoughts and ask your soul about next steps, and everything will turn out for the best for you. All the Masters and I follow you on your path and if you wish to receive guidance from us we will be pleased to oblige. Ask for it and we will be pleased to send an answer in a manner that you can best receive it. Be not afraid to ask about what is weighing on your heart. There is nothing that is too small or too large for us. All questions are welcome. We are sincerely happy for all that we can be of service with. We feel honored by your attention. We very much want to be in touch with you.

We send love and light as soon as you direct your gaze up, so look up as soon as you can.

I send love and light to you all.

Sanat Kumara



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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