Love is our new reality

Seth via Inger Noren, May 26th, 2023

Thanks for letting me talk to you. I know you have seen hieroglyphs that were drawn by the people of Egypt and are thousands of years old. At that time I was called the god of death. I became associated with death because I was friends with the Most High in Egypt and Lemuria. I was the one who was always called when someone was near death and for me to bless them to the underworld that they all believed so strongly in.

The gods that were recorded had similar bodies to humans but with a different head and we were significantly larger and taller than humans. We didn’t look like humans, but usually had the heads of various animal species. Mine was more like a jackal and you have seen that in these hieroglyphs.

I wanted to talk to you because all of us who were on Earth long before the birth of Jesus are very close to you humans and we are just outside the atmosphere in our lightships. You cannot see us yet, but there will come a time when we can meet again and live together on Earth as in the old days. When we lived in Lemuria, we were not so careful with nature and we experimented a lot to produce the strongest weapons possible in battles of who had the greatest power.

Now, however, it is extremely important to take care of the planet and all the living things that exist in all this diversity of species in order not to repeat the mistakes that were made before and that destroyed Lemuria and Atlantis. We who were called gods had great power over the people because we had to teach them a lot about how they should have a more functional standard regarding water and sewage, for example. It became an advanced and amazing system that became something that many could use in this day and age, especially for the people who live close to nature.

Precious metals were something we were very interested in on Earth and together with the materials we ourselves brought with us from our star systems it made a fantastic combination for the construction of weapons. Now, unfortunately, we see that humans have reached far in their development to be able to destroy the entire planet and adjacent planets in the Universe, which would be a disaster for many civilizations in the Universe that are also innocent of any conflict with humanity.

All of us who follow your ascension journey to the fifth dimension are so incredibly impressed by your will and strength in being given this opportunity to live on a planet that is completely healed and also a planet that gives so much to humanity in the form of everything that exists in nature. There are no limits with resources that people will soon experience and that also do not cost anything, but everyone can live on what is in nature without needing any form of financial gain. In my time, people were so afraid of anything new coming their way and saw us gods as such high standing beings that there was a power struggle between us gods in controlling and ruling over humanity.

It was not right and many of the so-called gods are afraid now that the people will recognize them from the time they lived on Earth. In the future, people will be able to live as long as they want with their bodies intact, just like we do and become multidimensional beings. Even at that time, not all gods were so friendly towards humans and some were even evil. It is something that they are not so proud of now that they have seen the evolution of people in love and compassion that they did not have much of in the old days. We will meet again and we hope to be accepted as equal beings with humanity because we are no more than humans. We love you all so much and look forward to a friendship with the humans in the future on planet Gaia.

In light and lots of love