Love is our new reality

Message from Portal Layona, May 27th, 2023

Let me tell you:

By what you want to recognize,

lies happiness,

and by what you live,

lies the confidence.




Blog 2023/ (original)


05/27/2023 The Layona Star Portal

“Frequency over frequency flows into you, beloved light children of the earth. With the energies of higher frequencies, you steer yourself into a timeline of the sublime frequency of love, light and unity. Unit particles capture you, and you have the choice to accept these particles and integrate them or let them pass.

You have the choice to wake up through aha moments of knowledge. And awakening is not immediately awakening, because what you already know is incomplete and is expanded, with every step you take with the intention of being a fully embodied, divine being on earth.

Strong energies from the portals of light lead you to new insights, and these guide your decisions for ways with which you feel comfortable. The big house earth is about to rise in its completeness and leave the old behind. On the inner levels of the earth, connecting paths converge, and larger light influences that move through all layers of the earth serve a cell renewal from the inside. This renewal leads to a new image on the outside. Life shapes new paths, and the light from all parts of the cosmos resembles itself. Changes are created that initiate the big steps into reality.

As a movement of the star portal Layona, we give you star seeds in the form of new light particles, an original sequence of the stars that raise life on earth to a new, higher level of being. We are the transmitters of the star frequencies for self-agnition. The devotion to the flow of corresponding information carriers leads to enlightening processes of consciousness.

Let it be said to you: By what you may recognize, happiness lies, and by what you live, lies confidence. It is of indestructible importance to live new insights so that new life patterns can form within you.

Many cells resonate to our star portal Layona and receive as a parable, impulses that make you listen and find ways. You will wake up. In the third eye, a collection point of the orientation for newly arriving impulses of starlight unfolds. You recognize connections, pause to perceive frequencies that align your consciousness in the light and in the togetherness with everything that is. Devoting yourself attentively to every incoming impulse lets you look deeper and the result of recognizing and living yourself, out of yourself, is born.

It is a great time to strip off everything old and recognize the happiness that lies in the room at all times. The star portal Layona allows healing frequencies to flow. In the sense of unity, everyone recognizes himself as an expression of creation and acts according to the principles that embody unity. Look at yourself. Someone else’s life is the chosen life that needs to be experienced, and your lives are life stages of your chosen ances.

The great house of earth is on the leap into new realities of being. Please keep in mind that the time, the time shift and the shift until the change to higher dimensional alignments are a path to be taken. However, we, as a movement of the star portal, see the totality of all interactions, the arisen and the perfecting.

Liberation levels of the earth are intact. With the waves of light, the earth also gains an expansion into which a new order is established. Countless experiences have been made for this. Countless changes took place, and so the degree of a new orientation corresponds to the path of all changes that has already been taken. The divine principle flows in. It is the movement that lets the divine will flow into all forms and being-body and expresses itself as a new beginning.

You are looking for results and praying for the resulting changes, because you have become tired of the things that show up. You understand that everything is in an adaptation phase that serves to redefine and raise the parables within your self, as well as within your body. Once this part is completed, life is on a new line. The dedication to the adaptation process, in joy and in love, creates new forces in you.

Look at the whole, just as creation looks at you. What is and what happens serves growth at every moment. Finally, we hand over our initiation waves to you, in high orientation and in high sound. They form a new reality of being. Deep joy can be felt.

Stay in confidence, your bright colors of reality.”



Energy-rich, new levels open, with the acceptance of the light that flows through us. The belief in the greater, harmonious reality, with its connecting paths, creates an expansion in us. A star portal, as an expression of a new way of communicating with the universe, connects people and paths with each other. Everything is in the flow of moving moments for the openings in the light. Greatness is on the timeline of greatness, and old paths want to be completed so that new ones can be experienced. Thank you.