Love is our new reality

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Source, Alcyone, Ter ‘Aka via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, February 7, 2020

Source, Alcyone, Ter ‘Aka via Galaxygirl | February 7, 2020

Source, Alcyone, Ter ‘Aka 2/7/2020

I am Source. I am the all that is and the all that is not. I am surrounding you with intense love and light in this time of metamorphosis of your bodies, of your planet, of your minds, of your hearts. For all is changing. Time marches on and it has been not only marching, but sprinting to try to keep up with these blasts of light from our friend here, Alcyone. Alcyone, do you have a message for our precious ground team today?

I am Alcyone. I am sending you my light, my love, my truth. Many truths are being revealed and it has been painful. You knew this was coming and the others did not. Have compassion for them. The time of judgement is past. Compassion is the new judgement. They are your brothers and sisters. All are interconnected. I don’t hold a grudge against the young stars who are learning the ropes of being a star, of shining their light. I love them. I am mighty because of time, because that is how Source made me. I see you in me, mighty beings of light. It is true. For soon you will reflect me even more, but many of you are doing so already now. This now is changing fast. You are tired. Allow me to send you some encodings of the purest of light. (I am feeling shivers and heat at the same time. I am seeing hieroglyphic-like light language codes and my head is hot and prickling and I have a quick fear of lice!). Galaxygirl, you amuse us all. You do not have lice! This is me, we’re friends remember? These upgrades are intense, aren’t they? Yes, you may feel like you have all sorts of interesting diseases. Most likely you do NOT. You are upgrading. Your old computers are getting upgrades and they are churning, steaming. (I am seeing my first boxy apple computer from the late 1980s, and the progression of huge monitors to thick laptops. I am hearing the modem connection whirring, the static, the piercing sound of early internet connections. I am seeing Control-Alt-Delete. And yes, my head is itching like fire). How well would your first computer have taken all of the information that your current laptop is able to process? You are getting totally new body systems, children of the light, and it is being written while you are in it. You are living the upgrades. This is no small task, in fact it is a new task and one that seems to be going quite well. You’re still embodied aren’t you? Take care of your precious biocomputers. Let fruits and vegetables be the electrical currents that serve and nourish you. Let the water you drink purify and be the conduit of light that it is destined and supposed to be. Purify your water. Purify your foods. Infuse them with joy. I now infuse you with my joy for you. You are not alone. You are surrounded in light, by my light and the light of many helping hands. Cry. Release. Know this truth. Your sovereignty is at hand. Take my hand and be absorbed into my light. The Christed flame merges with the Sophia. Two become one. These flames of light are becoming activated in a variety of interesting ways on Gaia’s form in this now. It is a blessing to watch. I am overseeing your progress and I hold you in light. Be at peace and be in joy.

We are the Blue Avian Beings. I am Ter ‘Aka. This has been a very intense energy week for you and we see your little lights flickering a bit from our spheres. Much grid work, much portal work has been done this week. Many of you have felt it but were unsure of the origin of these unsettling feelings. Friends, much has had to be transmuted, and much success has occurred this week. Surround yourself with a cloak of light of the higher energies. Intend all things to work out perfectly for you, intend to flow through your ascension process with the grace and ease of masters, for that is what you are. That is who you are.

I am Ter ‘Aka. I and my colleagues with your permission surround you in the deepest of vibrant blue. We are standing around you, enfolding you in our energies with your permission. We always honor the free will of others. This is the hallmark of a higher society. This is what is being made manifest on your planetary world. Gaia. Her rich blue from space is much like ours. Such a lovely planet, such a universal treasure of light. We see you dears, with your dirty boots and torn uniforms, weary. You are war weary. It is definitely a battlefield that needs some more light infusion. And that is precisely why you are here. You are infusing the dark with your light, seeding the universal consciousness of truth with the truth of the Christ.

We are still surrounding you, our gift tonight is peace. Profound peace and rest. We are creating, with your permission, your own personal blue sphere. It is an energy buffer. You empaths have had a rough time of it, it has not been an easy embodiment. You did not come here for ‘easy.’ You came here to fight, to balance discordant energies, to lend your light, to test your mettle, to be the superheroes of this quadrant. You are royalty, dears. Many of you are Elohim returned. We are all working together quite tightly now. Much collaboration is occurring now in the ships at night. We are team planning, co-creating, dark blasting. We are becoming more familiar with you and with your kind, and with your current experience upon Gaia, which is most challenging and most intriguing. You have earned our deepest admiration and respect. We look upon you with admiration and love. Many of us are also currently embodied. We are all united in one single purpose, to free Gaia from the dark and to ease her metamorphosis into the light with grace, dignity and extreme safety for all parties involved. Gaia is a treasure and she shall be preserved. Nova Gaians will be renowned teachers for their role in the cosmic play.

I am Ter ‘Aka. This blue sphere that surrounds you is your personal energetic buffer. Fill it with the peace that you seek. We are sending peace into your bodies that they may upgrade peacefully. More upgrades are coming in quickly and day by day you must prepare and nurture yourselves so that all is well. Invite the Christed consciousness into every one of your cells. Invoke the peace of Mother Father into your chakras. Invite your future ascended self to guide and direct with great love. Allow yourself the inner joy of knowing your job has been well done.

I am Ter ‘Aka. When you sit in meditation you may expand your blue sphere from around your body to around Gaia’s beautiful blue body. We will merge our colors with hers. Peace. We depart now.

~ galaxygirl