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The Arcturians via Beatrice Penninger – Standing Up for Your True Self, November 12th, 2021

The Arcturians via Beatrice Penninger 21-11-12

Our channel has read in another channeled message that we are so happy to communicate with you and that we do not in any way reduce your feelings or frustrations or needs.

We Arcturians watch over you and protect you. We keep the frequency and look forward to your progress and for that matter slip-ups. We learn from you and we find it so interesting to follow you. We all influence each other, big and small, but it takes a while before humanity fully accepts that we are ONE.

Since our channel has had some difficult months with strong trials, she asked us why it was necessary to go through this then. She asked, with all of you in mind, if we Arcturians could come up with an inspiring answer.

We’re trying; Another Calvary walk, she thought. But as someone said, it is also through the difficulties that you eventually become stronger than strongest. Many times it is the most developed souls who get the most powerful trials. Here, too, your symbolism applies, it is the darkest just before sunrise.

She was given this three-month trial to fully demonstrate that she must fully accept herself as she is and remain in her own power. She was told in the Exterior that she was not fit, could not conform to the ranks and showed a “non-normative” personality that did not fit into the context in which she was. She was tested hard and had to stand firm in her own power that this is ME and this is how I think and I do the best I can. She received criticism that felt like a whiplash on her sensitive soul and there we have the Calvary Walk. What also happened in this difficult process that she did not have a chance to defend herself against was that the last remnants of her carbon-based DNA were pressed to such an extent that the crystalline could shine.

You have heard the expression that darkness goes in the heels of the light and in this transformation and in the paradigm shift that is going on, you are all tested deep in periods and then you need to hold on tight to yourself, your values ​​and above all believe in yourself, exactly as you are. The old thought, the third density, tries to keep you in duality and fear. Do not be afraid to be afraid, but once you have acknowledged the feeling, you can rise above it again and again. Those who subjected the channel to the test became more and more provoked as the channel did not allow itself to be shut down more than temporarily and in the end a crescendo arose that got her from the crime scene and they no longer have any practical power over her. What she does not know, but as we know, is that her crystalline luminosity has increased markedly because the carbon-based atomic nuclei have been pressed so hard in this test. As Christ on his trial hanging on the cross could finally rise and go away in a different form than he was then, but still he was. He carried with him the experience of deep suffering.

When you go whole out of such suffering, you have even more compassion and empathy for fellow human beings, animals or other beings in similar positions.

Just as Christ was tried in the wilderness by the prince of darkness, so you have similar trials. He had to take a stand for his own light in this compact meeting and it was certainly not easy for him and it is not for you. However, he did not abandon his light and his source, which became infinitely shiny after the hard trial. We Arcturians urge you to stand firm in your own strength, let yourself be guided by your compassion and your light rather than your EGO, and ultimately there is nothing for the enemy to attack.

We are by your side.