The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, August 14th, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – August 14, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

We see many of you, as you look forward to NESARA being announced and implemented fully, wanting very much to know when that will occur, and if it will unfold perfectly before life in the United States and elsewhere gets any stranger or more uncertain.

And that is completely understandable.

Know that life on your planet is not so out of control and haphazard as you might feel it to be.

All of you, each in your own way, understood the uncertainty of this time before incarnating.

You plotted possible scenarios that might unfold in your own lives, including those challenges, reminders, and support systems that would assist you in moving into your higher path for each area of life.

You did not write in a huge blank where your fulfillment is concerned, or your confidence and Joy in the flow of Life itself.

Nor did you forget to include encouragement, Wisdom, support, and inspiration for these times you are in now, though it may appear that way some days.

It is imperative that you rely far more on your meditative times, the support of friends and loved ones, and quiet times in Nature, than on news reports, the social media, and hearsay (or your own worse fears).

The human mind is an interesting thing, in that it will bring up to you those very difficult potentials that it is able to draw up from lifetimes of being filled with low expectation of survival, traumatic events, and this modern life’s inundation of dense media images.

Yet this is not the time to allow those dark scenes to take over your mind, as you project possible scenarios for the long-term or immediate future.

This is not the time for expecting the worst, but going beyond what appears to be occurring, remembering that all “physical” life is a holographic projection.

Now is a time for imaging only positive moments, positive outcomes, positive solutions. And carrying positive feelings forward with you.

NESARA was not drawn up so much as a point of rescue for the human race, as that is not needed, as a point of declaration of that sovereignty yourselves have been progressively claiming for the last several hundred years.

The culmination of astrological alignments and Light codes pouring in from the Great Central Sun, heralding the start of the Sat Yuga, is not simply relief from the au regime.

It is a declaration of the Joyful self-expression of the race that is humanity, and all those beings who joyfully support humankind’s Ascension.

The fifth dimension may most assuredly some days feel as if it is coming as a great relief from all that you have experienced in the depths of the very rocky third dimension.

Yet the New Earth comes as a result of your holding that new reality in your hearts, and in your heart-minds, and not only because your requirement for assistance calls it forth.

Empowering moments during your day can demonstrate for you that you move now into that higher dimension not out of loss or uncertainty, but out of intentional growth.

Will you have days that feel so uncertain that you wonder, as our writer has, if there isn’t perhaps another planet you could live on?

Most assuredly. Yet that doesn’t diminutize your growth process—it only speeds it along.

As you picture only the positive occurring now for your country, your local area, yourself and your loved ones, the world—then particularly in Light of these current energies, you shift Earth’s reality.

You are not only calling in universal healthcare, financial security, free education, freedom of speech, full civil liberties, free energy, organic food for all, and more.

You call in the vibration for yourself and your planet that is required in order for those things to take root and become everyday life—an active, ongoing outpicturing of your vision.

As you do so, you join millions of others in their prayers, petitions, affirmations, visualizations, song, and ceremony to establish Divine Justice and Divine Liberty as the norm upon the Earth.

The Goddesses of Liberty and of Justice call to you now to hear their song, and to respond with the expectation of their presence, and that of the Angelic Beings who assist them, and the anchoring of their Presence upon the planet.

You have intentionally been taught over thousands of years that such ideas as goddesses existing are fictional at best, dangerous at worst.

Yet now is the time to declare that the Divine Feminine, whether in the form of the great Ascended Lady Masters, the Goddesses of Freedom, Liberty, and Peace, or Mother Sekhmet Herself.

These Divine Beings are present and powerful, and will not be denied their rightful place in the hearts of human beings and amongst the structures of Earth life.

New paradigms are being created at every moment, dear ones!

You have not been left behind nor abandoned, for your higher selves and soul families are working without pause to assist you in anchoring all that is needed now to establish the New Earth that has already begun to assert itself vibrationally, as well as in outer forms.

And so what do you do, in this strange and uncomfortable time of Changeover, in which you feel to be in two Earths at once, in two dimensions at once?

We understand your confusion, and your exasperation and impatience at times.

We would only say, focus your thoughts, your emotional vibration, your expectations on the beauty of Peace itself — the silence that is always there, behind the noise.

Realize that yes, you belong to the Earth, but mainly to the Universe.

Then focus on what you would love to experience, and what you know in your heart of hearts you have already begun to experience, rather than that which you see around you.

Merely because the old structures are falling and crumbling quickly, and their architects being exposed and called into account for their actions, does not mean that this is also your demise.

Stay patient, and stay centered on those ongoing truths which no one can take from you.

Which is that, like the Goddesses you call upon now, seeing increasing evidence of their presence even in your daily news, you are also Divine; your paths are also sacred.

You have also come to offer the kinds of liberation that must be raised from within if they are to last.

You have also come to offer affirmations of Who you are and why you are here, and what is really occurring on the planet now, as humanity readies to join the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds.

We would encourage you not to allow another to rule your vibration, whatever strings they might pull to get you to lower your expectations and emotions regarding what is occurring in your part of the world, or anywhere now.

We would instead encourage you to realize that in the New Earth, much that has been tolerated and bowed down to on your planet will not be allowed, and will not be possible any longer.

So that the old oppressive systems, as used to them as you are, have no place on Earth now, and are crashing yes, with a loud sound, but don’t be deterred from your path by the sound of another’s self-made demise.

Look to the brighter horizon, which comes ever closer each day, and know that in this, as in all things, friends, you are never alone!

Namaste, friends!

We welcome you to that new Earth which you are building now, and send Light for your journey, that you welcome one another.

Know that it is so.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan