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The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, February 20th

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ Message to Lightworkers

The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic Beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.
We are seeing many changes occurring now in your world.
For example, many have pointed out that two of the “frontrunner” presidential candidates (the fellow with the white hair, and the fellow with the orange hair), stand at the two opposite ends of the pole.
We would say that this is not an accidental occurrence. And that it is the perfect metaphor for the direction your world has taken.
For there is a great shift occurring now.

Earth’s population are increasingly opting to either to move on—to move into a world where NESARA is not only possible but actual and real—or opt to stay where they are, and remain within the third dimensional frequency.
There is no shame and no judgment, either way.
Should you feel that you prefer to remain on a third dimensional Earth, you will drift quietly, in ways mainly unknown to you, into that reality—that particular hologram.
Should you feel it is your path to move on to fifth dimensional Earth, then in ways both noticeable and less noticeable to you, you will find yourself moving into that reality.
In truth, you have already made your decision as to whether or not you will Ascend in this lifetime, and you are well aware of this.
And so the question then becomes, What do you do with the situations, relationships, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, and leftover “realities” in your life that are so clearly third dimensional?
How do you shift upwards in ways that ensure that you are increasingly aware of your Divine origins and Creator abilities?
How do you upgrade your frequency on all matters of life—health, work, relationships, finances, spirituality—so that you naturally begin to manifest that which matches your own and your higher self’s vision for you?
And we would say, that you are already doing this, and that you are coming into the position of moving into the driver’s seat in terms of creating your fifth dimensional life, or you would not be asking these questions.
You have, along with many millions of others, noticed an increasing dissatisfaction with certain areas of your life as of late.
Perhaps you wish to eat more healthfully, to drink only pure water throughout the day, to exercise more, and to spend more time in Nature.
Perhaps you are seeing your longtime partner, job, home, or other roles or situations as no longer right for where you are now, and are wondering if it is time to move on.
Or perhaps you are looking at the world, as so many millions are right now, and asking, “Why must we have wars, when everyone detests them, except for a tiny minority of the human race?”
“Why must we pay so much money for gasoline and other energy sources, when free, clean energy was discovered more than a hundred years ago?”
Or, “Why would I have anything in my life that is not completely joyful, or for my higher good?”
These are excellent questions, and millions are asking them every day, more and more.
You will find yourself in fact no longer seeing the sense of many situations—in your life, and upon the Earth in general.
You will find many now moving forward with new ideas that, in the past, would have been suppressed, ignored, or laughed at—such as energy medicine and energy healing were for so long—but which are now seriously entertained as real possibilities upon humankind’s path.
The energies upon the Earth are such now, that increasingly, you will only be able to do that which is for your and others’ higher good, in all situations.
You will increasingly find it harder and harder, and then impossible, to pretend to be or do anything that is not a part of your true, authentic self—your fifth dimensional self.
You will find it impossible to do any job that is not fulfilling, that does not serve your life purpose in some way.
You will find it harder and harder to eat animal products, to drink or eat anything that is not of a high and pure vibration, or to feed it to your children and animals.
You will find it increasingly difficult to hold onto anything—old objects, relationships, beliefs—that no longer resonate with who you are fast becoming.
You will in fact, require a world in which honesty, transparency, accountability, and decency are not just high ideals, but the norm.
And how do we get from here to there? you may ask.
Dear ones, you are doing it now.
We see your astounding progress in every hour of your lives—we see your higher selves more and more active in your words, your emotions, your ability to hear your intuition and the Divine instinct that lies within it.
We see your increasing ability to spot lies, unhealthy choices, cover ups, and even unconsciously hidden facts and realities, and we see you saying, “No—this is no longer who we are on this planet.”
Believe us when we say that you grow stronger in your remembering of your Divine origins, each day you live, and each breath you take.
And that no one perhaps, could be more surprised than you yourselves, and yet as sure as you breathe, your New Earth day is dawning.
When you doubt this, go within for a moment and say to your support team of higher self, guides, and Angels, “What would make me most joyful right now?”
If you hear no answer, tell them that they must send you the energy of that answer, so that you absorb it into your heart-mind and receive it clearly there.
And when that answer comes, whatever it may be—follow it.
For there has never been a celebration upon Lady Gaia, such as you are all energetically preparing now, at every moment.
Namaste, friends and fellow Lightworkers! Builders of the New Earth!
We are with you, always.
Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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