The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, October 18th, 2019

A Message to Lightworkers – October 18, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And we note many changes happening in the world, which some of you may find difficult as you keep up with the news, while others less inclined to watch the news nevertheless feel intuitively the imbalances that can occur as a planet shifts from one vibration to a much higher one.

And so in the US, a fine and brilliant Light, named for the prophet Elijah, has left the planet, ending his many years of service in the United States Congress, and ending his physical path, though of course, not his etheric one.

There is much celebration occurring in the higher realms now, as this dear one rejoins loved ones, including his soul family and twin flame.

Though of course on the Earth, among those who knew, or admired and appreciated this gentle spirit’s excellent work for human rights and equality, there is sadness and feelings of loss.

You may feel at times that this or another loss you may be experiencing now, though real, is a bit ironic in some ways.

We see a quietly rising awareness in Light Bringers that all that appears as loss is, in reality, the spirit of that presence simply taking on another form. 

Yet for those beings raised to believe that appearance is everything, the experience of loss can be devastating.

From that viewpoint, when a loved one or the trees of a forest or a species of animal recedes from view, they are apparently lost to you.

When in fact, they are simply leaving one shore in order to reach another.

This can be difficult, of course—you cannot see the shore they are headed toward, and so feel only that they are gone, not that they are arriving elsewhere in their journey.

This is why, increasingly, your understanding of the idea of Transformation and Transfiguration is so crucial now.

As so much that is familiar about the third dimension leaves for another shore, it may feel at times that too much change is taking place too quickly.

You may be experiencing a heightened sense of loss, or feeling that too many shakeups are occurring at once, leaving one to feel that Earth life is too chaotic now.

There is indeed, as we have noted at other moments, a chaos on Earth now, due to the rebirth of your Creation.

You are a part of both the chaos and the rebirth, and we say this not to blame you for feelings of chaos, but to ask you to note the aspects of your own life that are choosing to leave now, as you yourself move on to other shores.

For one, you are increasingly releasing fear, anxiety, stress, worry—the feeling that there is no safety net below you.

You are increasingly asking yourself to stop stressing over whether you will have enough money as you grow older, if your health will hold out or improve, whether you are really loved by those around you, or whether you will find someone new to love.

Instead, you are moving into the vibration of preferring to seek higher Wisdom in areas where once you went along mainly with the prevailing thought and energy patterns for that issue.

This is a powerful, breakthrough moment for humankind!

You are also regaining your ability to calibrate and choose your own vibration, rather than automatically falling into that which you are fed on a daily basis from media, education, cultural norms, or technologies beaming out low vibrational energy waves and thought transmissions.

You are increasingly taking on the fifth dimensional viewpoint that life is not to be stressed over, but observed with neutrality and calm, while seeking Wisdom on how to act or process the events around you.

This is why we know that even as you note the passing of fine and brilliant persons such as this Congress member, or increased trouble in the Middle East or elsewhere, you are able to release the need to see only the down side of any one event.

Photo by Lynne Newman

Consider that all have their path, and that when and if any one person or group of people pass, is not your decision or your province.

That is up to them and their higher self, and when they leave this Earth, they move into nonphysical reality, which in many ways now enables them to carry on their good on a much higher, more empowered level.

This is not so much a loss or drastic change as a sort of continuation.

You are yourself always working with your soul family, at every moment—quite actively so in your sleep state, etherically.

You are always loved and supported by them, and always cared for and sent empowering energies from your twin flame, all of you working energetically to lift the frequencies of humanity and Earth.

This is so that there will be no separation between that individual whom you call “Me” and the consciousness that is “I” and the beautiful and miraculous work being done by you.

Nor can any physical departure diminish the beauty of that work—its far-reaching effects, and its vital importance.

Can you allow, dear ones, that one of the biggest things you have done with your life, particularly while still young and quite vulnerable, is to ask others to allow you your path, without their interference, judgment or labeling of your choices?

And can you allow that you must extend that same favor to these dear ones who are now leaving the Earth plane—to bow deeply to their contribution, to thank them for it, and to bless them on their way, as their spirits continue to bless you and all of Earth, on a much higher level?

Photo by Maureen Keefe

We do not say that this is the easiest journey you will ever take, nor do we ask you to ignore your grief and sadness, or to repress those emotions.

Respect them as you must respect all your reactions and inner experiences.

And when you are ready, bless and release even your own Earth tendency to forget that the other shore is always present, always there.

Perhaps out of sight for the time being, yet awaiting you and all others, in shining rainbow colors—one day, for all of Creation to see.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, at every moment.


Copyright 2019, Caroline Oceana Ryan