Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, February 14th, 2016

A Message from Your Guides Feb. 14, 2016

Dearest Ones, 

It is with great love that we greet you today and ask you: Are you loving yourself powerfully? If not, why do you believe that it is your job to love others and not yourself? The strongest love is given and received from one who knows how to love themselves first.  You are only capable of loving someone else to the extent that you are loving yourself. If this is not in balance, your primary love relationship is out of balance in some way. You may be giving all the time and not receiving. You may be receiving all the time and not be giving in a way that is in balance. The more you are focused on another, the less you are focused on yourself. If you are not focusing on yourself, you are not being fully present with another. This is true even if you are letting go of other priorities to be with another or accommodate another in some way. If you are not being true to yourself  and truly present in your relationship, you are in the infancy stage of what is possible in relationship.
We greet you on this day commonly known in some parts of the world as Valentine’s Day. This is a day that has become known as a day for lovers and a day when even children in elementary school are encouraged to write Valentine’s cards to their classmates. Dear Ones, we appreciate the sentiment of sharing love on this day and we ask you if it is in the highest good to encourage children to gift cards of love to others who they may not even like, who may bully them, who they may bully, or who they simply might not feel any connection with. This sets children up to be inauthentic in their relationships. It sends a very strong message to them that it is okay to live outside of your personal truth and conform to what has become a vast emphasis on things like outer beauty and popularity over inner beauty, intelligence, compassion, genuine smiles, heartfelt connectedness and many other more authentic traits. If your chid is resistant to writing cards to all of their classmates or anyone you suggest, respect that and you are respecting their authenticity. Encourage them to choose who they wish to make cards or gifts for and be expansive in allowing them to utilize their own gifts and creativity.
The greatest gift you can give to another is your willingness to show them exactly who you are in the most open-hearted way, to share your woundedness, your completeness, your dreams, every exceptional aspect of you, and to trust them enough to hold whatever you share with them as a sacred trust of intimate relationship. It is equally important to hold whatever they share with you, to keep it sacrosanct, and to be willing to move on together in ways that support you both being more authentic, exposing more and more of yourselves to each other, knowing that it will all be held in trust and will contribute to your mutual growth going forward. This does not change when you separate, break-up, or divorce. A sacred trust is a sacred trust and if you move on to a more evolved relationship, it is not very evolved to discuss the flaws of a former partner or relationship.
Dearest ones, we are expressing this at this time, not to discourage you from celebrating your love for one another in whatever way you choose, but to encourage you to assess where you are in relationship in terms of being authentic, being present, and having the ability to share with your partner in a way that is sacrosanct. If that is not your truth at this time, we encourage you to aspire to that and do all you can to facilitate that.
The times you are living in are more interesting in many ways than any prior time. There are vast numbers of distractions calling you away from your authentic selves. Your authenticity – knowing who you are and having the ability to openly share that with others without fear, is paramount above all else as you move into uncertain times. Open-heartedness is a trait that you all must develop more and more to succeed in this time of great change and mass awakening. When you deny others the gift of knowing who you are, you deny yourself and it is likely you do not truly know yourself.
Are you able to spend hours or days alone and feel that you are in good company? Do you believe that to be successful you have to be in a relationship? Do you care what others think so much that you will spend a half hour getting ready to do a five minute errand? Are you afraid to leave the house without your hair and makeup done? Are you afraid to say you can’t afford something to your partner, your children, your friends? Are you still avoiding doing something you love because you were criticized for doing it in high school? Are you able to ask for directions? Are you okay with being with people with whom you have multiple things in common even if you do not consider them friends? How do you feel about being with people with whom you feel you have little or nothing in common? [Just by virtue of being human, you have vast amounts of things in common.] Are you ready to have your masks peeled off? If not, we strongly suggest that you consider these questions and how they inform you to what extent you are living your truth. This does not even take into consideration the vast ways many of you deny your truest selves by taking jobs/careers that you do not like because it’s what you studied, what your parents wanted you to do, what others expect of you, what is prestigious, or what you can make a lot of money doing, regardless of how much or little you enjoy it.
We can tell you unequivocally that within a short amount of time, nothing will be more important than you knowing yourself intimately – your likes and dislikes, your preferences, your tolerances and intolerances, your ability to handle certain situations, your ability to ask for help when you need it, your ability to go without many things and conveniences that you are accustomed to, and the ability to do things for yourself if you are used to others doing things for you. We mean this at the most basic level. Can you feed yourself? If there were no restaurants, no one to cook your meals, could you maintain your well-being? If you lost access to internet, TV,  music, and all electronics and electricity how would you fare? If you were in a situation where you could not speak to your loved ones for an extended period of time, would you be panicking or trust that they are well and do your best to keep yourself well?
Dear ones, these are not rhetorical questions. These are very important questions that can be a powerful self-assessment tool for you. So on this day of love, we ask you to work on your relationship with yourself. There is no greater gift you can give to those you love. When you are in right relationship with self, it is so much easier to be in right relationship with others. When you deny yourself, you deny others. When you lie to yourself, you lie to others. We invite you to take us very seriously in all we have presented here. We do not want to diminish or take away any of your joy in celebrating your love on this day. We are simply inviting you to take the opportunity to stand firm in the complete knowingness that you are in right relationship with yourself. If that is not your truth, we invite you to make it your highest priority to make it your truth.
We are loving you powerfully!
And so it is.
The Collective of Guides