Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Guides via Salena Migeot, May 7th, 2016

A Message for Your Soul        May 7, 2016

Dearest Beloved Ones, 

We rejoice in sharing with you that there have been great developments in your world being secured by, with, and for the light. This includes legions of workers both on and off planet including extraterrestrial and angelic realms. These beings are following orders from Beloved Source to assist you in reaching the realization of your divine birthright. The changes are underway and will continue until you are living in total and complete oneness with All That Is.  In order for you to realize your potential, it will be necessary for you to let go of so many perceived limitations. We ask that you stay in the highest vibration of love as much as possible. 

As these changes progress, you will be challenged by previous traumas, emotions, emotional outbursts, illnesses, and stressors that must come up and out of you to be released once and for all. You have suppressed them and stored them somewhere in your mental, physical, or emotional bodies.  As such, when they are released, you will find it is easier and more effortless for you to move forward without them than it has been in the past. In the past, it was more challenging for you to maintain new ways of thinking and being and you often went to great efforts to make positive change in your life only to backslide into your previous ways. This has changed as the universe now supports you powerfully in letting go of that which does not serve you and in supporting new ways of thinking and being which are truly in your highest good.

Whatever way you proceed, we invite you to think of it as your particular service to humanity. Whatever excites you, draws you in, whatever you are curious about is worth exploring as it most likely has a good deal to do with your purpose in this lifetime. If you feel that you don’t know what you want or where you are ‘supposed’ to be, or what you are ‘supposed’ to be doing, know that all will be revealed to you in divine timing. That does not mean you will be given a written invitation to the rest of your life. It does mean that the more you follow your intuition (inner guidance) and allow yourself to be led to the next step and the next, life will unfold in a way that you will not miss your calling. 

The more you stay in your personal integrity and move through the changes in alignment with what you know is in your own highest good and/or the highest good of all concerned in any situation, you will do no wrong and you will experience no unwanted consequences unless you choose to. By this we mean, do not make yourself wrong about anything when you follow your intuition. When you follow your inner guidance, you are living in alignment with your own highest good and often your choices are prescient and therefore you may be blessing many others through the wisdom of those choices. 

As your choices seem to depart more and more from the status quo or what you thought was true/right/in the highest good in the past, you will learn more and more about the true reality you are living in. Those who continue to conform to stale ways of being and doing that do not serve the highest good of all, will feel very confronted and very ‘wrong’ about many things that come to light. For that reason, we ask you as much as possible to question everything you thought you knew. Do not rely on what was. Rely on what is becoming. Know the old ways have been controlled in ways you cannot currently conceive of. As your benevolent guides, who love you beyond your comprehension of love, we are faced with the awesome task of lovingly informing you of the extent of the illusion you have been living under. This is a momentous task for us and one that we are proceeding with very gingerly as we do not want to offend you, insult you, or do anything to cause you not to trust us. 

Your institutions of government, education, media, sciences, and medicine have been operating as though you are small children who need to be controlled and misinformed about the big bad world. The irony is that your very existence is based on a set of universal laws that are in place to maintain universal balance. These laws are quite neutral in one sense, benevolent in another sense. There is nothing about the universal laws that warrants being shielded or protected from them. Quite the contrary. If you were living according to universal law, your world would be much more balanced. You would not experience the extremes of poverty and wealth that you do. You would not experience the extremes of ignorance and knowledge that you do. You would not experience the extremes of control and powerlessness that you do. To the extent that your world is out of balance, you are living under an illusion. The reality is divine perfection where every one of Creators beings is loved and cared for and accounted for as worthy of His/Her love and divine abundance. 

The reality is you have a long history of being taken advantage of, controlled, and manipulated in countless ways and those ways are ending. There has been a very long battle ensuing between what you might think of as the dark and the light. Make no mistake that the Light ALWAYS wins. In your case, in your world, one of millions of worlds throughout eternity, you feel that you are just living your life, trying to figure things out the best you can – be a good person, do a good job, and hopefully contribute to the world in some meaningful way. The reality is: you are a very divine being living out a divine mission to wake up at the appointed hour to play your part in a grand re-structuring of the light coming into greater prominence over the dark. The dark has been allowed to have their way for some time. Part of the evolutionary plan you were created for and into is to become a legionnaire of Light to help humanity advance beyond the 3rd dimensional ‘reality’ you have been led to believe is all there is. 

As you awaken, you will remember your true divine calling. You will remember the skills and abilities you possessed in previous worlds and previous lifetimes. While not all of you are ancient souls, many of you are and you will be called into service to recall all the ways you have learned throughout many lifetimes to dispel darkness. The more of you that respond to this call and the more quickly you do so, the smoother the transitions will be for all of humanity. The suffering will be relatively short-lived given the ease that will be on the other side of it, but many will experience darkness in order to move through it. For some that might mean deep bouts of depression, for some it might be escaping into various addictions, for some it will be mistreating others just to feel a sense of power and control. There will be a great deal of uncertainty as  you and your world shift into a higher vibration. However the darkness shows up for you, we ask you to call in the light often to assist you through the darkness. 

Whatever you consider to be good, pure, divine, call it in. It might be angels, saints, ascended masters, animal allies, the elements of air, earth, fire, and water, the elemental beings or fairie folk , ancestors, bhoddisatvas, or whatever you feel is the universal force or intelligence behind All That Is. Some of you might refer to this as God but many of you have a very skewed sense of what God is. What you perceive as God never intended for you to treat one another, Mother Earth, and all her beings the way you do. If you truly believed in God, you would believe that every being is a part of Gods’ creation and therefore sacred. You would not have war, poverty, capital punishment,  prisons, and so many other mis-creations. You would greet the sun every day and give thanks every single day for the grass and the waters and the birds, trees, flowers, and so much more. You would truly respect ALL life, not what is convenient or popular or politically expedient. You would not waste so much so frivolously and you would not give Mother Earth the burden that every one of you contributes to every day to bear. 

And so we ask you to communicate with whatever you deem pure and good, including an expanded version of what you perceive as God knowing that He/She is truly compassionate and does not hold any wrath, ire, or anger toward you or anyone else for anything you have done in this or any other lifetime. There is no concept of wrong in the world of the divine. There is only what is. If you have contributed to something that is, that you perceive is not in the highest good, that you know you could contribute to making better, it is in the highest good that you do so. If you have hurt someone, ask their forgiveness. If you have not forgiven someone, do so. If you wronged someone, right it. If someone wronged you, let it go and trust that that is the highest and best response. Detach from the choices of others and be mindful of your own choices. 

We invite you all to consider yourselves beloved children of Creator who wants nothing from you except for you to live out your divine expression to the best of your ability. We are loving you powerfully, Dear Ones.

And so it is.

The Collective of Guides 

Channeled by Salena Migeot