Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary via Susan Leland, April 26

Ashtar: “You Are the Promise Kept, and the Promise Keepers!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
April 26, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  We are here in Oneness with you in the Light and the Love We Are.  And we feel an excitement and we know that you join with us – even if you are not consciously aware of it – you are joined with us in this energy, this uplifted and continuously uplifting energy of Oneness, of Joy! And the sense of Peace is an exhilarated kind of Peace – not a subdued Peace at all.  It’s an exhilarating Peace!  Fresh air is coming into the Hearts and minds of all. 

“For some it’s still just some kind of knocking on the doors of consciousness, so to speak.  But more and more people are sensing and feeling, understanding within, knowing within.  And what is very important here is that they are very trusting!  It is all very well and good – kind of like going to a fairytale kind of movie, is it not – where everyone lives happily ever after and everyone has, oh, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or whatever.  Everyone is in Harmony and all of the Kingdoms are dancing in the meadows and so on, and so on!

“But it’s another thing to trust that this is what we are creating in this now moment – and indeed it’s already created in the Higher Levels; it’s simply that we are bringing it to us.  And I say ‘us’ because we are joined with you in this partnership!  We couldn’t be here if we didn’t have your permission.  We could not be, not only continuing, but continuing to evolve the amounts and the levels of the missions that we are co-creating in this partnership with you, without your permission, indeed, your welcome.

“There are those of you who – whenever you contemplate in any way on any level of your being the Oneness we are – you get the ‘warm fuzzies,’ as you call it.  Well, we do too!  We just want you to know that.  We may be Beings of Light – because that is where we can be most helpful, most supportive and most uplifting to you – but we do have feelings, you know.  We are well aware of Love!  And we are aware of your continuing-to-increase interest and welcoming invitation, if you will, and let’s face it – just Love pouring forth!!!

“We know from our observations, from the Perspective that we hold of you – that is, the LoveLight Perspective – that you are uplifting more and more, as members of Humanity!  And we assure you that the other Kingdoms are with you, and yet already in these Higher Realms, because that is their Mission and their Promise being kept as much as yours!

“So, it is so delightful to see and to feel – to observe and to feel with you – this Trust that is developing, or I should say, ‘evolving’ so much more.  Make no mistake!  It’s always been there in that part of you that has this Perspective.  But we know that each and every one of you has come a long, long way along the Path to your own Ascensions.

“And I will share this – most of you, particularly the seniors among you – soon to be rejuvenated into young ones again – you have chosen some very challenging paths, have you not, in your lives! And you have lived longer than the younger ones and so we could say you have spent more of your moments on these paths.  Well, the end is in sight, if you haven’t reached it already!  That’s the first thing I want to assure you.  Let’s not get down in the dumpies about this, because this is a High Vibrational, High Frequency, High Dimensional place that we’re in!  And so I am just wanting to assure you.

“You could not have come to this place, could you, without a level of Trust somewhere in your beings, some kind of guidance that says to you, ‘It’s all going to change.  You have an opportunity here.  You came here to be part of the changes.  Let’s get on with it!  Let’s co-create these changes within your own being and then let’s go further and help others to do the same!’

“So you all have opportunities to teach what you have learned. And if you are feeling more exuberant, more exhilarated in this moment than you have in moments previous, well, you’ve earned it!  You deserve it, you’ve earned it, you’ve come a long way!  And this is exactly where you intended to be in this moment as you measure time and your timelines!!!

“There isn’t one of you who isn’t here to succeed on the Path, but you must have the Trust, and you must know that you are loved beyond all measure, that you have an infinite quantity of LoveLight still to bring in to energize yourselves and all others, that you are the Promise Kept!!!   That’s right!  You, in your evolving selves, in your ascending selves, you are the Keepers of the Promise and the Promise Kept for others who come after you, who may not have the level of Trust developed that you have at this moment, but who have the capability so to do because they do have the knowledge.  It’s just maybe locked up in a place that they haven’t got the key to yet.  But you’ve got the keys, and it is for you to share what you know and what you trust!

“It’s all very well and good to say, ‘Well, I heard Tara and Rama* say this or that.’  Have you accepted Truth for yourselves?  Do you know how to discern Truth?  Of course you do!  So whatever rings true for you, pass it on, pay it forward.  Trust that you are here exactly where you set out to be when you first came into these bodies!  Trust that you yourselves, each and every one of you, have the abilities to be a changer, if you will, of whatever circumstances you see needing to be changed!  Bring in the LoveLight and apply it!!!  

“It may not always be easy, it may not always be the first thing you think of to do.  We understand there are times when all you want to do is crawl under your blanket and hide, because things seem to be quite oppressive where you are.  Look for the good news, the happy news, the cheerful news and let the rest go – if that is what is affecting within your own energy fields, because it is for you to join in the Oneness, to feel the presence of everyone in the Ashtar Command, everyone from the High Dimensional Realms of LoveLight and, yes, everyone below, on and above Planet Earth!

“And if those who have been wearers of the hats of darkness and they continue to be so – at least they seem to continue to be so – just know that somewhere in them they, too, have the ability to evolve as you are doing.  Invite them to get on the Path!  Some will, some will not.  That is not your concern.  It is to simply extend the invitation, as you have extended it so wonderfully well to us, to each other and, yes, to your own selves, to open to receive the LoveLight, to be in this grand Oneness of Love, and to be the creators, the directors, the managers of your own lives and your own lifestyles!

“Never mind that there are however many planets in retrograde, and so on and so on.  If you follow the stars and wish to avail yourselves of that information, by all means, do so, but do not see anything any situation – astrologically, physically, mentally, socially, politically, or in any other genre – as being in any way detrimental to or stopping you in your progress forward and upward, because that is how we see you, Beloved Ones!!!  Trust our words if you do not trust this for yourselves.  Join with us!Let yourselves feel the glow or the buzz, or the warmth, or the breeze of knowing that we see you as you truly are!

“Trust in yourselves, Beloved Ones, and know that all is well and getting even more so in all of your Kingdoms within.  For you truly are Divine.  You are the Promise Keepers and the Promise – your lives, yourselves – you are the Promise that you made long ago when this grand adventure on Planet Earth first began!  So, welcome to our Oneness, to our Peace, our Joy, and above all else, our Love.  And thank you for being with us and our Family of Ashtar On The Road!  And so it is.  Salut!”

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, April 26, 2016.
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