Love is our new reality

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Message from the Angles via Ann Albers, May 7th

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

There is no need to be afraid for the world. There is no need to be afraid because the planets are aligned in a difficult configuration. There is no need to be afraid if your loved ones are not in the state you wish them to be. In truth dear friends, all upon the planet Earth, including you, are exactly where you need to be for your lessons at this time. Each one of you has a unique “curriculum,” unique lessons, and unique circumstances in which you have chosen to grow. Always and forevermore, you and everyone else on the planet is exactly where they are supposed to be. All of life is conspiring to help you remember you connection to love.

You ask us frequently, “How can difficult circumstances help me remember my connection to love?! I don’t feel loved when I don’t know how to pay the bills, when my spouse cheated on me, when I have an illness! How is this trying to help me remember love?” Dear ones, those are exactly the right questions to ask.

In each challenge, there is an opportunity to look at the energy within you that led up to it. Were you perhaps trusting others more than your own instincts? Were you beating yourself up and thus allowing the world’s vibrations to assist? Were you perceiving lack or feeling fear that is getting mirrored back to you? Were you put up with a situation that wasn’t really wonderful and thus “cheating” on your own heart? These are just possible scenarios. In truth each one of you will have a unique answer.

So whenever you find yourself in a challenging or uncomfortable situation, rather than assuming you are not loved, sit with your angels, breathe deeply and have the courage to ask, “How is this situation trying to teach me to love myself?” Trust that whether you receive an answer in that moment or not, in time the understanding will come.Then, whether you receive the answer immediately or not, strive to be as loving and kind to yourself as possible, for love immediately begins to shift your vibration and steer you into a kinder future.

Dear ones, we love you. We know your earth school is terribly challenging at times. However, in even the deepest trials, love is there beneath the surface attempting to emerge. Trust in this. The truth for it will carry you through the challenges and into a beautiful, bright and light-filled time in your life.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels