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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, April 15th

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – April 15, 2016

The latest guidance from our friends, the Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are glad to have this chance to speak with you again today.
We are aware of many changes occurring in your world, most of which do not reach and so are not expressed by, your news media outlets.
And yet—you feel these great shifts in your intuitive high heart, do you not?
You look over the movements of armies and governments, of people’s uprising and campaigns, of the individual forward movement that signals the beginnings of a great movement forward by human beings.

We speak of a lift of consciousness, expressed in outer and inner events and breakthroughs, that ensures nothing will ever be the same again.
Lately you have heard more from some of your news commentators than would have been permitted in the past—comments regarding who was really responsible for this disaster or another, whether economic, political, or military in nature.
Opabin Waterpark (06-22-15)
You are also seeing a presidential candidate asked to meet with the presumed head of the catholic church—and it is not the candidate who appears most powerful, who seems to have his or her finger on the button as far as how the financial markets are run, nor is he the one who has received the most support from the billionaires.
You are feeling the shifting winds of change on every level of life—of medical marijuana and hemp being more openly touted for their many medicinal uses, of increasing numbers of eco-villages and what were once considered “alternative” modes of travel and living accommodations becoming more and more commonplace.
You are feeling the shifting winds where plasma energy is concerned—the increasing acceptance of the free energy devices which, though still unheard of by millions, are nevertheless in existence, with the news of their increasing use reaching the etheric mind and body of the entire planet.
You are experiencing images from space—sometimes of planets or stars that were “not supposed to be there,” and sometimes of Angels and starships, photographed by your known space programs, as by those highly advanced space programs that are mainly unknown to the general public.
And yet, even in that once unheard-of aspect of human life, the programs that dared not speak their names for so long are becoming known through your whistleblowers, informants, and those journalists brave enough to repeat what they learn, rather than hide the information.
And you will see more revealed—more that was once on the periphery coming into the mainstream.
Starfish - Smaller
Not because we or any Galactic or Angelic group have decided that “now is the time.”
But because, dear ones, you have decided that this is the era in which Truth in its many forms will finally be spoken, and new roads created where you were informed for millennia that no way could be found to move forward.
And so what is termed a “leak” regarding the 12 million documents called the Panama Papers, revealing off-shore account illegalities among the extremely wealthy and powerful, is truly not merely a leak.
It is a planned response to the energies you are at this moment absorbing—one more intentional lever pulled to open the gates to what the dark hats have long tried to avoid or put off.
And that is of course this new era, this golden age that your solar system and your Universe are entering, which nothing and no one can avoid, hide from, postpone, or lie about indefinitely.
And how do we know that this is so?
We know it because we see you creating this beautiful path straight into the Light each day you move forward in your own beautiful lives.
We see it each day that you resolve all the more, and do even one small thing, to step into your true life work, and away from that which detracts from your true power and distracts you from your true path.
Crop Circle
Crop Circle
We see it each day that you release someone or something that is no longer for your higher good, thereby making room for that which is for your higher good.
We know it because we see you celebrating the victories, large and small, of the power of humankind, which you had thought a forgotten ideal, but which now rises high on your horizon, breaking through the dark clouds and obstructions manufactured to blot out the Sun of your own higher consciousness.
We see you releasing animal products from your diet, and choosing organic produce, plant-based proteins, and pure, structured water.
We see you pulling your children out of schools that punish individualism and creativity, and either placing them in far more conscious and aware schooling venues, or homeschooling them yourselves.
We see you demanding to know why certain commodities are called “scarce” and therefore overpriced on the world markets, when you know that they are fully abundant, and demanding that better, more environmentally positive alternatives be used.
We see you releasing objects, situations, even homes and businesses that no longer serve the higher good of your family or those you came to encourage and assist in this world.
And we see you believing in yourselves—in your own beauty, power, and co-Creative abilities—in ways that would not have been possible even five or ten years ago.
You are absorbing the unprecedented levels of Light, Love, and Freedom now pouring into your world, and you are reflecting those amazing properties in your own beings, on every level, no longer separating the “physical” from the “spiritual,” but seeing that all is energy, all is Life.
And we are not surprised, viewing all this, to note the astounding shifts and breakthroughs being experienced by the whole of humankind in this New Earth year.
Leading you to NESARA law’s full enactment, yes. And all that lies behind its highest intent.
And as they say, buckle your seatbelts, for the shifts will only get greater, and your own power and empowerment, all the more astounding.
Truly, this is your moment.
Namaste, fellow Beings of Light! We are with you, always.
Copyright 2016, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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