Love is our new reality

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, December 18

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – December 18, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional Galactic and Angelic beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you in this momentous holiday season and solstice.
All of us within the Ashtar Command, and those among the Command’s supporting groups and factions, are well aware of the very great upheaval of energies occurring upon the Earth now.

We are aware that many millions, in fact billions, upon the Earth are now in a state that is a mixture of confusion, awe, fascination with the shifting energies, heart-opening joy or turbulence, and new levels of higher Love, and the forgiveness that is born of that.
And that you are also experiencing an intense curiosity to know what is next for your planet.
Though some have given way to fear and close-minded prejudice against this group or that, whether against those of us in the ships or those who are Earth beings, we would say that many millions of these are nevertheless on their way to accepting a new level of higher Light, and the new awareness that that brings.
These energies are also drawing those attached to fear out of their inner caves of narrowness, and bringing them into a place where those called “foreigners,” including those from other parts of the Galaxy and other dimensions, are taken to be beings of interest, not beings to fear.
In time, their heart-mind will show them a much higher way, but at present, we are sending these groups and persons those levels of Light and forms of intelligence needed to open them up to their soul presence and higher selves.
Most of you already well open to the higher levels of Light now emerging from Inner Earth and pouring down upon you, firstly from the Great Central Sun, and secondarily, from the Angelic legions and higher beings known as Galactics.
You are in a position to be fully aware of the heart-opening, Love-imbued changes occurring now in your consciousness and on and around your planet.
You are perfectly in place to begin realizing (and this process began years ago, but is reaching a much higher pitch at present) that all is to be accepted, and all is to be forgiven.
Even those who have held you in a place of oppression and slavery for millennia you realize now are to be released and forgiven, with no grudges held and no trauma retained from what you have suffered under their short reign.
We say “short reign,” for a soul does not keep time as a human third dimensional consciousness would.
And so what you suffered, and how long it was suffered on the third dimensional time scale, is as the blink of an eye.
It is not something you will wish to tarry on, to prolong the point that “we have suffered this or that, and now someone must pay.”
There is no more paying to be done, friends.
For your Earth has been in the fifth dimension for some time, and you are claiming your place on that frequency now, quite open-heartedly and joyfully, and nothing will stand in your way.
If you doubt that these changes are occurring—if you are wondering why you are not joyful all the time now, or why the President of the United States or other presidents have not made open announcements on television—know that what you desire must occur as a process, not merely one single event.
Realize that you have been undergoing these Ascension changes for some time, and will continue to do so, and that they cannot all occur in one day or one month or one year.
Your bodies, minds, and hearts would never be able to withstand the shift to such a higher Light frequency in such a short amount of time.
This is not a small jump; it is a very great leap.
It is a very great leap for Earth awareness, long held in place by restrictive and consciousness-oppressing technologies, to suddenly be free to rise and to express through individual life forms.
You may believe us when we say, that the frequencies coming in now are such that there is no chance that Earth will remain on the path laid out for Her and Her people by the dark hats millennia ago.
There is only Ascension now, and if you do not yet feel how empowering and freeing these energies are—if you do not yet feel like celebrating, because understandably, old issues are rising to the surface and physical or emotional discomforts are keeping you from feeling joyful, allow us to assure you that this will not last.
But the empowering levels of Galactic and higher spiritual aid now pouring into the planet will last, and is already reconstructing that which you consider to be everyday life.
We ask that you simply begin, as Gandhi’s amazingly beautiful saying goes, to be the change you wish to see in the world.
To allow yourself to ride these astounding waves of new thought and realization, of joyful expression—of your higher self, as he or she comes to fully inhabit your human form.
For that form is at every moment taking on the Lightbody frequencies that will charge every cell with solar Light and crystalline consciousness.
This is the Christ consciousness so many speak of, and which those in the churches have been taught belongs only to one person, who they say will return to judge humankind, arriving on a great cloud with many Angels singing and blowing trumpets.
We would say, if you prefer such imagery, that you would do well to go buy a trumpet and to learn how to play it, for this great and beautiful consciousness is here now, and you carry it within you.
You are the Christ consciousness itself—the krystos or christos—the crystalline forms of thought, feeling, physical being, and experience, that you have been steadily moving toward, aided by Galactic and Angelic forces, and carried into by the astrological current that is the new Golden Age, amidst many new and rare astrological alignments still occurring.
Understand that this is not a fluke, a nice day, or a wave that will be here for the moment, and then recede.
These energies will continue to build, and you of the Lightworker way-showing population will continue to anchor them, as you volunteered to do before coming to Earth in your current incarnation.
And will the cruelty—the war, the fraud and deceit, the violence of all forms, the corrupt governments and social structures, the hunger and deprivation—will these end?
Most assuredly. These have already begun to lose their footing and are crumbling at their base, as we speak.
You see your Senator Sanders campaigning on a platform of respect and equality for all, of compassion and decency—foreign concepts to most in higher government (though not all)—and yet you wonder whether or not your New Age has arrived.
You see many thousands pouring onto the streets to declare and demand that climate change, police brutality and illegality, and inequalities of all kinds, be ended for good—and yet you doubt that the Earth has shifted to a new and higher frequency.
You hear that all nuclear arsenal has been neutralized and made inoperable (for it has), and read of Dr Keshe’s free energy devices and Peace Road Map—and yet again, you doubt.
You see one piece of video footage or photograph after another, including those played on local news channels, of ships or strange lights in the sky, or of visions of cities upon the clouds, and yet you feel nothing has changed.
We would say, that those who choose to complain, to demand more proof, to receive more of a certain kind of evidence, are not checking in with their own heartspace.
They are depending upon outer signs and announcements to tell them that their Earth has entered a new and unprecedented place of higher vibration, a new reality in which nothing can be hidden.
Go within now, in this moment, and ask your intuitive self—the voice of your higher self—if the time is Now.
Ask if Earth is in the process of being freed from millennia of oppression, and hear it tell you emphatically what the truth is.
And then we would say—stand up, and celebrate with joy.
For the star that the Wise Kings followed so long ago was not a literal star, but a constellation that embodies the Christ presence—the birth of the Lightbody and Earth’s Ascension.
This was why he came, with his beloved twin flame Mary Magdalene.
And whatever your religious cultural training in this life, you have followed that Light in its Universal essence, and you are here.
Fellow intergalactic beings, we welcome you, with your every step forward!
Speak with us whenever you wish, and ask whatever questions you wish. 
For the veils between us are dissolving, for good. And we are with you, always.
Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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