The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, October 2nd

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – October 2, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends!
We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.
Know that we are with you, that you are never abandoned to the outer state of your world—which, though reaching further and further into fifth dimensional life now, is nevertheless still in its birth throes, emerging out of the fiery womb of the third dimension.
We are aware of what appear to be your current losses, both the refugee situation in several parts of the world, and the recent deaths in the United States, in Oregon. Understand that there are many ways to leave this planet, and that while some are drawn out of this physical life before their charted departure, most do not leave before one of their chosen “exit points.”

Allow them their path, both those who are seemingly lost to you in sudden ways, and those who simply fade out of your life.
You are far less concerned with the deaths of those in foreign lands, and those within your own land, whom you do not know or hear about, or whose deaths are not so dramatic as a shooting would entail.
This is because you are far more emotionally resonant with those with whom you have exchanged some form of energetic communication and understanding—those whose stories you know or can relate to culturally in some way. It is so that it is a form of violence to be taken out of the physical realm so suddenly, without warning, and seemingly without choice.
And yet you yourselves have left the physical plane many times—hundreds of times—and you know inwardly that that is never the end.
You know fully that there is always a reappearance in another form, on another plane—usually a higher plane, and a higher form. So that while you understandably feel to be at a loss when you see politicians and sense those behind the scenes, whom you might call henchmen, manipulating persons and events to create mass panic and chaos, understand that you are able to view these events without being emotionally drawn into them.
You are capable, as it were, of not playing their game.
You are able to rise above, to bless and send Light to those who have released the physical (we do not refer to them as “those lost”—for they are not lost).
You are able in this way to send them the aid that assists them in an easy and joyful transition into the higher realms, where they are guided by Angels and loved ones who have gone on before them, into a new life and a new adventure. Certainly it leaves the Earth’s social and political makeup looking shaky and strange, when acts of violence such as you now see occurring in the streets of Syria and in eastern Europe and elsewhere, break out and endanger many.
Again, we would ask that you allow them their path to Ascension and their own soul’s journey, regardless of the seeming endangerment that they live in.
Things have shifted upon your planet. When souls leave the body now, they are far less likely to reenter the ongoing “recycling” movement of the third dimensional karmic wheel, unless they choose to do so.
There will soon be no third dimension on the Earth as you know it. There will indeed be a third dimensional Earth, but it will be a higher form of that dimension, with far less violence and density, and those of you reading this now, with few exceptions, will not be upon that Earth. You will be experiencing the New Earth that you are currently building and inhabiting.
And we are aware that you await a great moment of release and rescue, in which there are a few glorious announcements that permanently free you of the shackles of the past and suddenly propel you into a world of NESARA and GESARA, of full disclosure of our Galactic presence, and sudden introduction of Earth into intergalactic citizenry.
We would say, that though that is a beautiful dream, it is not generally how you do things.
Steps are already being taken to create full disclosure, which already exists for the many who are open to receiving such, and which is occurring in stages for all other persons.
Steps are also constantly being taken to fully enact the provisions of NESARA law—have you not seen a movement toward ensuring full democratic participation by all citizens via protection of voting rights, an end to mass incarceration in the US, the requirement of labeling of foods and the movement toward organic foods and vegetarianism, toward animal rights, LGBT rights, and universal protection of your environment?
You have seen these, and much more, including the declaration by many that the continued trafficking and abuse of children by organized religions and governments be ended completely.
You are the ones creating this new world you are beginning to live in, and there need be no “rescuing” to occur in order for you to have it.
We would say, that you are indeed receiving much help, much higher assistance in terms of the integration of the higher Light and gamma ray frequencies now reaching the Earth, into your minds, bodies, emotions, and spirit.
But it is your own steady involvement that ensures your Ascension, your movement to a higher level in all areas of life and spiritual awareness.
You have seen young children get angry when a parent or another adult tries to “help” and do something for the child, when the youngster is fully capable of doing it for themselves.
Perhaps, it takes a bit longer, and entails a few missed tries—but the child greatly desires the strength, autonomy, and learning of new skills involved in making the bed, tying the shoes, creating a Lego structure of their own design.
And so you would be very suspicious and angry indeed, were yet another authoritative crowd who claims to be “above” you were to come into your world and simply “fix” everything for you.
You would not grow and learn in the empowering and utterly brilliant ways in which you are currently learning and growing—and you would then need to create situations that required you to break away from us, just as you are now breaking away from your current power structure.
And so we stand back, lending aid where we can, without doing the job for you—this is law in this Universe, and this has been your clear choice from the start, dear ones. You may believe us on that score.
And are you building this new and beautiful planet, healed of Her pains, scars, and excavations?
Are you creating ways to travel the Universe and meet with other lifeforms? Creating new forms of communication, travel, work, education, healing—that have to do with Light and higher energies? That are sustainable and harm no one, and liberate all?
Most assuredly, you are doing that and much more.
You are beginning anew—you are becoming your higher selves!
Even as you note what has long been termed tragedy and loss, and what may now be termed “sudden transitions.”
Even as you view the many thousands leaving their country and seeking freedom, peace, food and shelter that does not cost the Earth, or is not hidden from them—are you not, in your own way, doing the same?
We are all in the same great beautiful boat together, and we are all moving forward, and not a moment passes that some aspect of this New Life is not being created by you, in new and higher terms.
And so yes, the terrain is rough some days. But do not doubt your ability to fly, and not merely trudge onward.
Spread your wings—claim your upward-moving energies, and note the momentum you are riding upon.
It is real. This moment is real.
You are in the fifth dimension, the building blocks of which are all around you, moved by you, used by you to Create.
It is what you came for! And the beauty of it is more than we can express.
Namaste! You are never alone.
Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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