The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, September 11

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ A Message to Lightworkers – September 11, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends!
We speak to you today from a place of your own creation, from that fifth dimensional Earth which you have long been creating and preparing to live upon.
We are aware that there are numerous somber remembrance events occurring today in the United States, carried out by those who wish to ensure that all remember the shock and losses of September 11th from fourteen years ago.

There were indeed losses, but not due to any foreign aggression.
These were created by the machinations of those who operate within your very government and military walls, who have pledged to protect their fellow citizens against all enemies foreign and domestic, but who in fact joined with those of varying nationalities to fulfill an agenda that has nothing to do with democracy, and nothing to do with freedom.
And so, for those of you aware of who these persons are, whether called cabal, or Illuminati, or the power structure—we would ask, are you able to consider that these too are your family?
For while you could never condone their crimes against humanity and your Mother the Earth, you are called now to that higher vibration that sees the perfection of all occurrences, the perfection of Earth’s own rise into a higher dimension.
And into that dimension, you will not be able to carry the debris of the third dimension—the anger, the shock, the resentments, or the denial of what actually occurred on that day.
You have no doubt tried to explain to others that the events were carried out by those who believed that by throwing millions of people around the world into a state of shock, fear, and mourning, that they would not only achieve policy changes and outbreaks of war in several parts of the world (for their own purposes), but would also be spreading the vibration of that overused term “terror” throughout the globe.
This was what one might call an energetic agenda.
For the energy of fear is one of the lowest possible energies that a human being may experience.
And your overlords (though they are fast slipping from that position) have been well aware for many centuries that fear is one of the greatest control mechanisms upon the planet.
And yet, as the great poet Maya Angelou (who now watches Earth’s Ascension with delight from the higher dimensions)—as that great poet would say, “Still I rise.”
And how is this, you ask, when the criminals have not been caught?
When our honest president is daily blamed for the wars, the deceit, the subterfuge, the manipulations of those now lauded as honest and loyal to our government and our world?
How is it that we are still rising, when the truth about 9/11 still languishes in the “alternative press” and “conspiracy theory” bins at the bookstores?
It is so, because you have decided that it is so.
You made a collective decision upon that horror-filled day, that this would never again occur upon the Earth—and you will note that despite a number of attempts, it has not occurred again.
You see the refugees fleeing the horrors of cabal-funded and -controlled Syrian conflict, and your heart goes out to these folk as they struggle to be treated humanely.
To be accepted into countries where they will have a chance for life, and hopefully, abundant life.
You feel the compassion and love swell in your hearts as you see them struggle, traveling for days on end to an uncertain destination and livelihood.
And yet you wonder, how is it that still we rise?
We are aware of the sadness that accompanies this struggle, but we ask that you concentrate on the reality of the love and empathy you feel for these fellow humans, which far outrun any fear that you or they could ever experience.
For you have all also run from war and oppression, in a number of lives you have lived upon the Earth.
You have also suffered that terrible treatment and uncertain outcome.
You know what it is to be under the thumb of the dictator, the invading army, the militarized police force.
Yet if you could see as we can from our higher vantage point, and which you also see in your etheric travels, the massive energetic wave of determination that has gathered throughout the Earth, that this game between the manipulators and the manipulated must end, and end now, for all time—you would never again doubt that you are rising.
Understand that there is always a dust storm, a time of upheaval and confusion during the restructuring of a planet or a people’s form of governance, let alone their view of reality—of what is possible, and of what they are allowed to have.
You determined collectively, not long after 9/11 all those years ago, that you would not be subject to such lies and manipulation and violence ever again.
And so yes, you have seen unjust and unnecessary wars in the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan and other places where war has been secretly waged by those same forces.
And you have seen the desperation of those who have lost, and felt your own desperation that these injustices, carried out under the flag of the country you love, might never end.
And yet they are ending.
For in the compassion you and millions of others are expressing for those running from war, you are contributing to that great Ascension wave of expectation and determination, that the human race will reach a point where there are no more lies, no more manipulations, and no more violence.
And so Dr. Keshe’s Peace Roadmap is here not just a nice idea—it is the birth of those determinations you made years ago, that violence no longer has a place upon your planet, and that you will no longer be led by those who use fear as their greatest weapon.
Yes, this is how Atlantis was brought down—through spreading fear, and the overdevelopment and imbalances of the ego and desire for control, material wealth, and individual over collective advancement.
The idea of separateness over the idea of Oneness and the collective interconnection of all living beings—this is what you are now rejecting, in favor of understanding, We Are All One.
And so this is a day to honor those lost, most assuredly.
But understand that that particular soul group, the tens of thousands lost that day in the physical, left when they did and in the way that they did, to trigger within you the realization that the lies, the control, the violence must end.
And so it shall! And so it is.
For yes—still you rise, dear ones.
Still you rise!
To the fifth dimension of Peace, of Love, of Oneness, and beyond.
Namaste! We recognize and honor your Divinity, and we honor your path in this beautiful, unprecedented moment.
Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan
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