The Essence of Birds via Beatrice Madsen, June 6th, 2018

The Essence of Birds via Beatrice Madsen, June 6th, 2018


We come to you as a flock and as one and one. We want to enlighten you about your higher self and your being and sing so that we can help you. We have the higher view since we have the higher perspective.

When we lift our wings and make it to the skies we can see your hard struggles. You walk back and forth, in and out of your houses and you carry heavy burdens.

Listen to our songs and we will tell you that all will be fine, as we have the higher perspective. When it gets to heavy and chaotic on Earth we can just lift our wings and observe with a detached look and we ourselves have continued harmony.

Sometimes you have to carry burdens, but when you lend an ear or your gaze catches one of our wing beats, so see that we love you at the same pace as our little heart beats and we sing just for you. The nightingale has a particularly tailored song and the crake drums in its more earthly ways. The magpie can tease you and even drive you crazy, but he has his task.

We come as a group because we want to show a living example of how you will have it if you have patience. Just as we manage to live side by side in different races, colors and personalities you will eventually realize the beauty in the difference, sing, sing.

Our songs help in the ascension. We put down frequencies and bands of sound, memories of sound along Mother Earths meridians so that everything will go smoother. Our wings gently touch your forehead for a moment and then we fly on to the nearest tree to sing for you. Listen!