Love is our new reality

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The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, March 21, 2021

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild for March 21, 2021

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What ho, chaps! How’s things in your neck of the woods?

Greetings Blossom and to Each one that resides upon the Earth plane, whether they know of us or not … our Love still reaches out to them.

I am sure it does. A question by many is … ‘Where does the land lie regarding the Announcement? Is there still to be one?’

Indeed. For the changes that are to take place in/of Great Magnitude, pivot around this. In that … when such a matter is brought into the open … it’s the BIG GAME CHANGER.

So, ‘such a matter’ meaning one thing only?


It’s got to be Huge and one, I presume, that no-one has yet ‘heard about’/uncovered?

Initially, there shall be an Awakening that occurs by many of the sleeping ones. Not all … for there shall be those who prefer to ‘ignore’ that which is divulged, due to not being able to access the reality of ‘What is’ and ‘What is to follow on from it.’

You know, you understand … it cannot be revealed by us. That would not be at all fitting.

I understand this, yet, would you be able to tell us if it is something that those who go down rabbit holes, maybe already aware of?


Far out. What on Earth can it be? For even I, bobbing my cottontail down quite a few warrens, now, wonder how much deeper things can go?

Oh! A lot more, Blossom.

And you did reveal a while back that it would be announced by a ‘surprise guest’ or similar wording.

This is so. This is to be.

Will the guest be the shock? Or what the guest has to say?

A combination of the two.

Will the waiting for it go on for much longer? I know dates are a nono for us both yet, has it been deterred for years? Months? Days?

It has been deterred due to unexpected setbacks. Which again, cannot be given to you.

However … each day brings you closer.

Well, whichever way you look at it … that’s a cert! The energies of souls down here are depleting for so many. The waiting, the guessing … the uncertainties … of … everything. We are doing our best, yet, some days the heart has a sinking feeling all day.

Then say the Mantra more often on such days.



I feel all I could say, I have already said somewhere along the line, and would loathe to bore! How about the Monoliths, what’s happening with them?

They are all in place.

WOW. That was unexpected.

This does not mean they are ready for ‘action’ … just yet. Although, it is necessary for them to ‘route’ themselves … into /through the … Earth’s Magnetic Field and solidify their structures.

Through this method they are able then to connect with each other … would we say ‘underground’ … within ‘pathways’ of connection … which in turn allow them to connect and communicate with each other … in preparation for when they are ‘Set.’


Yes, Blossom.

To … go off?

In a manner of speaking.

Can you elaborate? Are they anything to do with the Announcement, for instance?

In a round about fashion. For there are to be a series of Events that are to take place, yet, it is necessary for their ‘order’ to be precise in calculation.

Imagine a device that one invents for fun. It is ‘triggered’ and perhaps a ball rolls down tubes and in turn … knocks something deliberately placed in its pathway … which in turn … allows something else … some other movement to begin etc … are we being clear?

Yes, I get what you mean. So, is the announcement the trigger?

Yes. Yet, we would state that each ‘movement’ has necessary ‘gaps’ in between. It has to be this way and you will understand why as they ‘fall into place’.

To be honest … just to get that ball rolling will be enough for most of us!

And it will, Blossom … It will.

The STRONGEST OF THE STRONG does not just mean in ways of shining one’s Light. One has to be strong in all aspects of this Game … including patience.

I know. Yet, many feel their patience has almost run out. Nothing to be done about that!

Yes. There is. Keep building up your Strength in Truth and Light and Determination and Wisdom and Trust and Purpose and … and … and …

Do you see, Dearest Ones? We feel you do, yet, perhaps are tiring.

NOW … whilst you feel there is nothing to be done … is the time when everything can be done … in ways of preparing … in ways of getting ready.

Yet, you have said we are, and we feel we are.


Your task in ‘these days’ is …

To remain vigilant …

To remain on top of your game …

To keep your Light shining brightly …

To keep repeating the Mantra …

To KNOW you are not alone when you say it /feel it …

To not let complacency absorb you through this wait …

If a marathon you had trained for was postponed … Would you sit back, eat, and ‘blob’?

HaHa! Blob! I don’t know why, yet, that word seems funny coming from you.

Yet, it is in ‘your’ vocabulary, Blossom. So, would you? Indeed not. You would keep training … keep running … keep on keeping on … for to ‘let it go’ … when you could hear word in any moment that it was ‘back on’ … would not bode well for you.

Yep. We understand. We are just flagging at the moment. Well, a lot are. Of course, I cannot speak for all. We will keep on, of course, we will! So, back to the Monoliths, if we may? My thoughts, and we may have touched on this, is that they will be to do with ‘THE EVENT’. Which ‘Event’ you may so rightly ask? The BIGGY! The One that may’ involve a Solar Flash and a HUGE WAVE OF LOVE engulfing the entire Planet and raising the Vibration immensely. You know … that one!

This is correct. The actual ‘flash’ itself as it leaves the Sun … will trigger a few of them … would we say … the main circuits /switchboards … which in turn will Energetically connect with all the others, for they are all … ready … in place. All ready and interconnected through their routes.

Yet, what is their role? What happens when this happens?

They are of much Power … beyond your comprehension, or anyone of Earth. When ‘ignited’, when ‘activated’ … and ‘at play/in play’ … their ENERGY will enable a huge Magnetic, Energetic, Electrical Wave … of both Sound and Movement.

Dare I ask about the ‘movement’ part?

Taking your beloved Planet through to a Higher Dimension.

That’s what I thought you were going to say.

This can only take place when ALL IS IN PLACE.

So, although we say the ‘structures’ are ‘set’ … they are not programmed for any particular date. They are programmed when all is in alignment.

So then, ‘The Event’ will only happen, i.e., the solar flash … whatever the whole shebang entails … when everything is in place, also?

Yes. We cannot begin to explain the enormity of this. It is imperative for Earthly strategies to be in place … along with certain Planetary/Star alignments … in order for EVERYTHING to come together in THIS DIVINE PLAN. In order for the END OF THE DARKNESS and the BEGINNING OF THE LIGHT WORLD to flow into position. As you can imagine, Blossom … the complexity of this Plan is far from a ‘walk in the park.’

Yep … I can’t even begin to imagine, to be honest. That’s why, I guess … we have to keep TRUSTING and the only thing that enables me to do that, is my heart’s KNOWING that this is actually FOR REAL. Sometimes, our ego questions all of this … of course it does … so much of it sounds utterly insane. Then, I remember, I know, that millions feel the same as me. THERE HAS TO BE TRUTH IN THAT. We didn’t read it in a magazine … we just knew it from within. Something we brought with us from Home.

Correct, Blossom. It is your Truth.

It is known that Truth’s can change though.

One’s Truth … as they become wiser and more accepting to a Bigger Truth can change. Yet, the Bigger Truth remains just that … always and ever THE BIGGER TRUTH.

You know years ago, I got so confused with you about ‘Truth’ and one’s own Truth, etc, and ended up losing the plot completely. You just nailed it in one sentence.

Yet, years ago … this would not have been your Truth.

It doesn’t seem to be that complicated to me.


I will take your word for it. So, then … the message for today would be to keep on being patient?

When you say it is running thin … how can it?

Because the waiting for the announcement or something to rock the world is taking so much longer than any of us imagined.

Yet, to be patient … all one need do, is take s few deep breaths and smile … and sing … and do anything that keeps your Vibration High. For soon enough … you will be ‘Rocking all over the world’.

What? The entire Status Quo?

We understand your humour due to ‘mind reading’ the joke.

Mm! I wonder if everyone else will*. You know we are doing as best we can. You know we are grateful to you for helping us to keep on board. You know ‘We got this’ … and you know that when it all kicks off … we will probably be whinging and moaning about that … because we can’t get a break. Hey, deary me … us Humans … you gotta Love ‘em.

Without question … WE DO.





In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

*Rocking all over the world’ is a famous song by a group ‘Status Quo’. ( For those who didn’t get the joke! )