Love is our new reality

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Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart, March 21, 2021

Ivo Of Vega: Humans Instinctively want to Connect with Each Other

by Sharon Stewart

Sharon:  Humans instinctively want to connect with each other

Ivo once said to us that when the Lyran wars broke out, Lyrans and Vegans went to other constellations to live. They went to Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades, I believe later on. Spreading out and starting new communities on other worlds ensured the survival of the human race, which seemed less capable of dealing with the Draconian issue at that time in history, which was millions of years ago. They were more like we were: third and fourth dimensional people with fewer multi-dimensional capabilities. As a matter of fact, the Vegans put a lot of work into their technology while the Lyrans put a lot of work into their spirituality. But they really had to merge in order to protect all from this new threat.

Breaking apart groups of people and leaving to go live on other planets seems counter-intuitive to what humans instinctively do, and that is to group together, not break apart.

Ivo:   Why do you think that the divide and conquer strategies have been used upon planet Earth? Why do you think that the DS seek to divide you and keep you fighting against each other? This is in fact counter intuitive to the true human condition. Most humans in the galaxy enjoy meeting others of other worlds and have very robust social lives. We live in homes with many generations of the same families, and this can be what you would consider in-laws of certain partners as well.

We of the galaxy have learned how to get along. We have heard our inner voices that say, “You are to live among and depend upon all those around you, and in this way you shall thrive.” Your planet is far cry from that level of wisdom right now.

My love, this is why you visit your neighbors most days to say hello, and why you cook stew for them, and why you bring them donuts and give them money. You instinctively want to connect with someone, because a disconnected human does feel truly alone, and frankly, vulnerable.
What you have now are people on earth who feel vulnerable when you are with other people. You feel invulnerable when you are alone. This is the opposite of the way life is out in the stars. We have more and more friends and acquaintances so that we can love more people.
You are all at odds with your neighbors, workmates, strangers on the street. This is because the dark ones have separated you from your higher consciousness, which tells you that humans are good, and the more you know, the better off you are. The more you can be yourself when you are around other people, yet my love, you feel more yourself when you are alone.

So you stuck a sticker to your bumper that reads, “My other car is a UFO,” and you are now telling people in this small way, absolute strangers, who you are. They believe it is a joke. You are informing people of who you are in the same way that the DS informs the public when they produce movies, using slight of hand means of communication. However, with some others that you meet, you are now more vocal about who you are and what you are capable of. And you do not care what their reaction is.

Your world needs to heal, and the more healing you undergo, the more you will realize that unifying with other humans is what you need. You need to learn how to get along, and dispense with the way that the dark ones have taught you to be. This Draconian way of relating to others must be abolished and one’s true soul accessed instead. It will be done, my love.

Your unloving ways of being stem from the fact that you are constantly traumatized. A traumatized person will see through a particular set of glasses that tells them that others are unloving. It takes a lot of work to take these glasses off and to make one’s self vulnerable among others who cannot do so.

A human divided from other humans is weak. In groups you are stronger. In groups of loving members, you are even stronger still.
But the average human on earth is so toxic they can get along with few people. When you try to, arguing breaks out and yes, loosh is created. Now you see why your world is divided as you are.

You are not living according to your true nature, not by any stretch of the imagination. Imagine your entire world ready to embrace every other member in love. That is the way the Vegans and Lyrans live. We have no enemy among ourselves, and fewer still out in the universe. Our enemies are defined by those who wish us harm. We wish nobody harm yet we must defend our worlds and the worlds of others such as yours.

Me: Ivo, it’s not my world.

Ivo: You keep saying this and I realize that you believe that, but anyone who has lived on any planet would embrace it as their world. Upon your demise, perhaps you will understand what I am saying.

Me: I don’t like it here.

Ivo: And that is exactly what the dark ones desire. They hope those who come to change the world will hate it and have done everything possible to make you feel that way. Understand this is a manipulation.

Me: I can’t even walk around in Walmart parking lot without getting told off. Just for looking at someone.

Ivo: I know. They hate your Light.

Me: I know. I love my Light.

Ivo: These existential issues need to be dealt with at a collective level. Understand now with the QFS operational, that those who conduct deceptive business practices will be stopped before they are completed. The QFS is already monitoring many charities and audits have been conducted.

When the day comes that there is truth-based mainstream media upon your world, when mainstream media is focused on truth rather than lies, then watching these companies be declared corrupt will be a pleasure for many. You will watch your world be reborn in truth. Truth aligns all with God.

There will be much work to do, and understand now as it is, it is the worst state possible for the truth seeker on planet Earth. To have to live among the lies and corruption now is contrary to the state of the seeker who seeks God on planet earth. Because to seek the Truth, you seek God.

It is also innate within the human psyche to seek God. This has not been denied all upon the planet, but it has been denied in terms of the lies you have been forced to live by.

Me: Yes, I remember when I was a kid, I decided there wasn’t a god because of the crap I had to live in. So I was looking, and I always have looked. I look for truth and I look for God.

Ivo: When you move out into nature, you will find that it supports your search far greater than living within your cities. As for you now, I am your truth, my love. I am not your God, but I bring you truth.

Me: Thank God. A modicum of sanity. If I see one more person dodge me in the stores just to keep six feet apart, I don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t steer clear of anyone. And I don’t walk in the direction of the arrows on grocery store floors, so sue me!

Ivo: It is interesting that this bothers you so much. And this too, aligns with the topic of this channeling: now you are forced to avoid each other and stay six feet apart. Not only that, you are now viewing each other as a walking bundle of germs. This is divide and conquer, my love. It must be stopped.

You see your world changing. It will not change back. However, one new advantage with the QFS is that it will be based on honest business transactions.

Me: Thank God. Just in time, too.

Ivo: Yes, they were crashing the Fiat system, trying to install their new global monetary system and it did not work.

Me: Good. Thank you Ivo.