Love is our new reality

The Master in the crystal kingdom, November 30th, 2022

Beloved Light Beings, beloved people on Earth,

You are rapidly increasing the influx of high-frequency energy. The inflow flushes clean and washes away everything old, everything that does not belong in the New Age. Your bodies ache and many hear howling sounds in their heads. Love yourselves and persevere, you will rise!

Beloved friends, remember that this time is amazing and the one you have been waiting for so long. The light defeats the darkness and you are on your way to a wonderful ascension, a change first within yourselves and then without yourselves, a renewal of your own Self and your systems on earth.

The time when the old systems fall away makes the human parts of you anxious and worried as everything you know falls flat to the ground. You’ve waited so long but now a part of you is afraid.

Beloved, you are cared for by yourselves on a higher plane. You are cared for by your families of light and high frequency energy beings who are helping you at this time. Life itself holds you, Life wants you well and what is happening now leads you straight into the New Age, the reason you came here in this life.

You are provided for and will in the near future leave the old system and enter the new where everything is built on love, light and joy. Let go of all fear! The New Light Age already exists and all you have to do is shift the frequency in your consciousness so that you can see it, feel it and experience it.

Allow the old to show itself to you so you can let it go and move on. When you see the truth in the old, you will automatically move on into the new. The old world reveals itself to you as you choose to see it. Be open to seeing and receiving the truth of what has been, what has been built on a very deceptive, selfish and dark energy. Be open to see that many in positions of leadership have pretended to want their fellow man well but in truth, knowingly or unknowingly, they have done everything to keep you under their control.

Choose to see the old clearly! Accept it as part of a lower dimensional journey. Take stock of old perceptions of yourselves and open up to the New Me that awaits you on the next level of consciousness.

In the Crystal Kingdom we live in the crystalline consciousness where everything is created from pure light and love. We are here at your service whenever you wish. Ask us for help to see the truth from a higher consciousness and we will help you. Ask us for clarity and wisdom and we illuminate your Higher Self’s answers to your questions. Our crystalline energy cleanses, clears and clears so you can see a higher version of truth within yourselves and in your lives.

We love you more than you can understand.

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