Love is our new reality

The Master in the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, July 27th, 2022

Beloved beings of light, beloved people on earth,

Your light bodies are currently being updated with large amounts of high frequency and highly intelligent light. By highly intelligent, we mean that your light bodies are updated with the energy intelligence that you normally live in but that you have now chosen to leave during a life as a volunteer in an earthly human body.

It is your home stations that transmit this information to you telepathically. You take the information down through your high vibrating channels and place it in your high frequency light body. You have now chosen to begin integrating this intelligence, the information into your human life here on earth.

You have chosen to incarnate here out of free will to help man regain his own light, to reconnect himself to his Higher Self, his soul and thus balance his own life in the inner and outer.

Until now, many of you who are here on a so-called relief mission have been relegated to a life of “silence and obscurity”. You have stood by the side of life and watched as man lived his, in your eyes, strange life here on earth.

You have felt out of place and have had difficulty interacting in the life that man’s separated state has created, even if you have sometimes wished that you could join in and “play” on the same terms as man. Many of you have been extremely homesick and found yourself in a meditative state for a large part of your waking hours to be able to “be at home” while you were here.

The energy that you are currently downloading includes a form of desire for movement. By movement we mean a desire to integrate your high frequency energies into your physical life on earth. We see that you will use the new energy for an energetic creation of your own lives on earth and thus show man that he can create the life he desires on a level of himself where the light is stronger than the dark, where love is dominant and where lack and desire do not exist.

The old high-frequency energy that you lived in has been very calibrated to “being” so that you could calmly download the energies that were needed for man’s ascending existence on earth. Now the energies on earth are changing and your own physical bodies are slowly beginning to move physically in a direction where you will truly create what you desire in your heart.

Your missions look different but those of you who are not used to living in a physical body will show those around you that you can create by BEING who you truly ARE and thus draw to you the reality that is natural for you. You will not, just as in your natural state, need to exert yourself physically but the physical body and existence, which is built on energy in viscous form, will be reshaped in your outer when your inner chooses to create it. Energy begets energy in whatever form you remember.

Those of you who incarnated from a dimension where you lived in a higher form of physical body will interact your energies in the human body at a very close frequency to that which you have at home in your natural state. For you, the new creation on earth is an “action” that is very similar to the creation process in intention/action that exists in your higher natural state.

Together with man, you have stepped into the New Age and are now downloading your “new self”. An “I” that is finally leaving life in the stands for a life on the playing field among the sisters and brothers you have come here to interact with and help remember its own greatness.

You will create through your clear inner intentions. You will create what man in his heart forgot that he longed for, a life based on the love of the heart, a life without thoughts of lack, a life without thoughts of must.

Man is free but feels that he is directed to live according to laws and rules. She has forgotten that everything she thinks, says, experiences and does in action IS of her own free will. No one threatens her but herself. Love her as she is in her separated state and you create miracles now and for the future of this planet. Man is a master of light but has forgotten his origin, his high frequency self. LOVE and show her new ways to create by creating the way you create at home. Help her remember! Give her love and she will start to remember.

Love the way we love you, love the way you do when you’re at home, completely without demands and completely without conditions!