Love is our new reality

The Master in the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, September 15th, 2022

Beloved Light Beings, beloved people on Earth,

You possess enormous powers to create and live in your own reality but your inner power has been suppressed and controlled by low energies that control you in thought, word and deed.

Beloveds, we hear your suffering and anxiety as this system now transforms into a higher version of yourself and you are forced to witness what has been.

The faucet to the constant supply of the low energies is turned off, which suddenly forces the system to crack and you are forced to take a stand on what has been and process it emotionally.

In truth, the low energies have built a collective system on Earth that hardly wanted the best of man. The system has been controlled by a few, but what pains you most to see is not the collective, but that you all participated and contributed to the system being able to continue. Your own low-frequency emotions have played a trick on you on earth and forced you into the system you simultaneously messed with. When the system has challenged you, you have gone into victim roles, control and other fears which fed the low system exactly the energy it needed to survive. It hurts you to see this, but the sooner you let it go, the more short-lived the dark system will be. Beloved, you have not seen and you have not understood. It has been part of creation itself. Now is the time to see the truth, sweep away what has been and straight back take back your rightful power!

You are all a perfect copy of the Universe and what is in the Universe is also in your own energy. You have lived in a very trying part of the Universe and have therefore lived in very trying energies within yourselves.

Allow yourselves to feel all that comes up and be certain that it is your own Universe that is transforming for you. The source of light exists as an exact image within yourselves and it is that energy, your Higher Self, that you must now hold on to and trust. Because in all the darkness there is a very bright light that guides you whenever you choose to listen. Allow yourself time for reflection and reconnection with yourself each day and you will do all you can to sail through the storm that is now blowing.

Remember that all storms always have an end and that the calm and peace is greater than ever.

We are with you whenever you wish and we love you more than you can understand.