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The Pleiadian Collective via Beatrice Madsen, March 18th, 2019

The Pleiadian Collective

March 18th, 2019

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


Those who listen well could hear the big ringing of the bells the other night – The ringing of the bells that convey that the victory of the light is here. It is incredibly hard to imagine when you listen to your media and hear about all horrific events and fears they want to implant in you in order to still have you under their control.

From our perspective we can however that the large profound work is in actually already done. Much much work remains and many disclosures will see the light, but remember that when they emerge it means the victory of the light as those of the illusion can only gain power and act in the shadows.

They are like the trolls who burst in the light and it is horrific trolls we encounter. Realize how long they have had power and control over you. They are absolutely furious and do not want to loose and engage in every conceivable arsenal in dense form. They are not shaking their own ground – stick together and try to jointly play all their cards. The ringing of the bells is for them. It is the big judgment day. Their time is over, ended and now there remains a large thorough job to sweep clean, wake up the masses and bring yourselves back to whom you really are – humans in the service of the light that live in reverence for life, material and each other. You shall not be against each other but with each other in your integrity and powers of creation – In All That Is.

Heavens ringing of the bells is now sounding during the spring equinox all over the planet, night after night after night. Beautiful Gaia is sounding with Heavens legions of Angels. She says that now it is enough. I am now being born again and I take with me those who are worthy of me and the others will have to complete your disgusting activities whether you want to or not. Enough is enough. The ungodly are plotting their intrigues, using all imaginable cunning and manipulation. They have no conscience or compassion. They just want to use others and enjoy the power to see and understand more by making you blind.

Heavens great ringing of the bells is from the highest creators and archangels. It is not possible to close your eyes to sound or hide in a small corner. Not even the dark can close their eyes to its penetrating sharp ring that now it is time.

The Pleiadian collective to your assistance!




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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