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A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, March 19th, 2019

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

March 19th, 2019

Channel: Carina


Dear Lightworkers,

Dear children, we can see that many of you are in such pain and sorrow over everything right now. We see that many of you suffer now when you pass a large portal of cleansing light – A portal that makes you more conscious of what in truth is right now. Ask us for help. Ask us in the crystalline worlds for support and we come to you and sustain you when you are struggling. You are our heroes and we are here for you.

Let Earth become your home now. Accept that you in your body in this life on Earth. Allow the intellect together with the feelings to create conditions for you to give yourself a good existence to be in while you are on Earth. Choose to ground yourself.

To take down the light to Earth has had its difficulties for you. The most difficult part has been to capture the day in the time you lived on Earth at the same that you have a strong consciousness of the light you simultaneously have experienced in your higher consciousness, in pure light. Nothing is as wonderful as the light. No relationships on Earth can be measure against the pure and loving relationships of the light and thus you have suffered. You have been “forced” to take care of, you have been “forced” to give love to others. You have yearned, longed for, fought for and wished so dearly that these pure and light relations that you remember from your time in pure light will become your reality in the relationships you have here on Earth.

However, in truth you have experienced pain in your relationships on Earth. The humans you have met and who you at the same time remember from your time back home in the light have not been and acted as the children of the light they are when you are in the light with each other. You have had a hard time to take in that these humans do not remember. You have had a hard time to take in that these humans do not have as a goal to live in the light on Earth – to feel and look at life as you do. It is in truth the way it is – you remember the light, you still feel the light and you remember them as they in truth are. To meet them here on Earth in a body with lots of cellular memories from old heavy lives on Earth have made them to somebody else than the ones you remember and this has crushed you. You have experienced pain, you have experienced that you become hurt and sad. You have suffered so poor children.

However, now you will gain a new perspective on yourselves and life. You will no longer believe that all others around you remember the light. You will with your whole being understand that these people who have made you so sad live in amnesia. They do not remember themselves. They do not remember their own light and even if they momentarily do they are afraid. The fears within them are greater than the light this is why they do not dare to choose the light. With this insight it becomes easy for you to live your life on Earth. You will be conscious of your light. You will remember who you in truth are and you will treat others around as the light friends they are at the same time as you will be conscious of the fact that that they do not remember you from the light – they do not remember themselves from the light and they do not remember the infinite love you have together when you are home in the light.

You will be secure in the truth that you now are here in order to create for yourselves a really good, light and loving life on Earth. You will start to create a life that you want to live in this incarnation on Earth. You will let go of trying to get people to remember the light by trying to get them to change. You will remember that they must be allowed to live in their darkness, in their amnesia, until they themselves abandon the fear and choose to remember. You will accept that you are not the one who chooses the light for others and then the pain disappears. You will love them dearly, but you will remember that they do not remember. You will make yourselves to good role models for them. You will choose to live in and from the light and then finally people around you will start to remember. They will feel the light within themselves and maybe they will feel the light within you and in your relationship. This becomes your new role. Anchor your feelings in the light, let go of all fears in order to be loving and occupy yourselves with what makes you happy. Let go of everything that does not make you happy.

You have never been meant to miss what you have back home in the light. You are meant to enjoy the life you have in this dimension on Earth. However, you were forced to incarnate in the era of low frequency and forces of the dark triggered your memories of hard times in your earlier lives on Earth. You have not had it easy dear children, but no you are supposed to remember – you are here because you are a light being on Earth. You have chosen to be master version of yourselves that now has the task that through your being in the light at the same time as you are on Earth inspire others to choose the light and live a completely happy and loving life on Earth by being anchored only in light, only in love.

See your fellow humans as the fantastic light children they are. Allow yourselves to feel the love that flows within you for them and remember that they live in forgetfulness and thus cannot act with the light.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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