Love is our new reality

The Pleiadians via Ann Marie, September 24th – October 5th, 2018

What Appears to Be…10/5/18

Aloha…this is Ann Marie speaking.

I’ve been receiving messages for four years now and today I’m feeling compelled to share a piece of my learning process. I’m doing this with the intention of providing support for others who are traveling this twisting, turning path of pretzel-in-the-head enlightenment.

There are universal laws and truths that are across-the board. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you’re one of the good guys or one of the bad guys, these dictates remain constant. The difference in usage boils down to unity and separation, love-based ideas versus fear-based ideas. The good guys promote unity and love, the bad guys promote separation and fear. And it’s not always easy to tell the difference because what appears to be is not what is.

That’s when it comes down to faith—the faith in yourself. Go within. Trust the information you receive. You have all your answers.

I hope this brings clarity when you need it.

Peace out.

The Force 10/3/18

Love will be the force of propulsion of the future. The Universe is aligning now. It will be a peaceful transformation. You will all be the force.

Your Way 9/29/18

We are all one, yet each individual is different. Follow your self. Do things in your way. This is your experience. Your inner communication is telling you what to do. This is your experience to create in your way.

Simplicity 9/29/18

To be able to find joy in the simplicity of life is a true blessing of the spirit within. It is the essence of the soul allowing itself expression in the natural world. It is a gift to one’s self.

Tapestry of Love 9/28/18

Hi…This is Ann Marie speaking.

Last night I woke up and had a message come through for my dear friend Sue that I want to share. The first reason is because it’s beautiful, but secondly is because it shows us that no matter where we are in our life, we’re doing our work—even if we don’t realize it at the time.

The message pertains to the group I work with up in the Melbourne Beach, Florida area and how the origination of this particular group all stems from Sue. Her relationships with some of the members span 25 years and began in areas thousands of miles from where they are now. But remarkably, somehow we’ve all come together at this place and time.


Sue is the seamstress. She has woven this fabric. She has connected the threads of friendship to create this tapestry of love. It has been a part of the plan.


Within 9/26/18

All your power comes from within. The answers are all within, not without. Quiet your mind and allow yourself to receive your answers. Trust yourself—you have all your answers.



The Purpose 9/25/18

The universe is rejoicing as you cement your relationships, as you come together in your light working. Your network of support will allow you all to grow, to work together for the purpose of unity. Unity is the purpose.

“Failure” 9/24/18

Failure is fear. There is no such thing as failure. Failure is another false belief perpetuated by society’s indoctrination. For what you have been taught to see as failure is actually growth. All experiences, whether perceived negatively or positively, are growth. These experiences allow you to move forward.

Fear of failure restricts creativity, restricts momentum to progress. Once again, you must attempt a new perspective. Instead of thinking, “What will happen if I fail?”, try thinking, “What will happen if I grow?”