Sananda och San via Angel, October 4th, 2018

Sananda och San via Angel

October 4th, 2018


Beautiful beloved Lightbearers,

My voice is mixed with that of San as we have come from the same pure source of love and Christ consciousness. It is today hard to convey ir in words as the frequency and information stretches over the three dimensional vocabulary.

And this is what is happening with many of you on Earth right now. I want to encourage you to surf on these “un-expressable” high frequency Christ energies.

Dance with them and use them in order to transform and create your new reality – the Reality that already is created for Earth and the threads that you already have spun are now spinning further.

Oh, my beautiful beloved lightbearers if you only could see what we see. We see your dancing on these waves and how this creates the energetic infrastructure of the new times, Earth Golden Era. I rejoice in happiness and dance with you in your hearts – in the unit we together in these moments meld together and create our natural existence.

Open up your hearts, open up all of your twelve chakra and let the energy, the new Christ consciousness flow through you and swirl through every chakra in a beautiful symphony and in the universal dance, the holy geometry that is our creating God.

Let us today forget the low frequencies. Let us forget the pain and the hard work and instead dance together as two passionate lovers that unconditionally with feather light steps let their love embrace the whole Universe.

I love you

Sananda and San




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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