The Snowflake Kingdom via Pengxin in China, June 27th, 2018

The observation—the snowflake kingdom (channeled by Pengxin, translated by Xiong)
Kaiyuanmiliu: secret flow which can open universal positive energy sources, a God-weapon
Xinyuanxuanzi: high energy particle, spin and screw in being’s heart and Citta, kill and destroy negative energy inside
Rivers on the earth have been very pure, glittering and translucent, and shining, are gathering together to a point from every corners of the earth. Water on the earth is gathering together to a point continuously, like a lithodomous funnel. Water molecules are very clean and exquisitely carved. In the rivers are full of material carriers of kaiyuanmiliu and other god-weapons, displacing and purifying the water constantly. My eyes focused on the point, extremely brilliant, water once flowed into the point, immediately was leveled up to high energy water, attached kaiyuanmiliu, xinyuanxuanzi, and other high-ends weapons, flowed back to every ports of sources of water on the earth.
When feeling the entrance of water purification of the earth, I put one’s palms together devoutly against between the eyebrows. This moment saw a drop of water appeared in front of between the eyebrows, shining like a crystal. It overlied in my palm, liked a pearl covered by clamshell. What was this? I touched that crystal with my hands, suddenly was absorbed by a huge attraction, was sucked into another world with my whole body. When I opened my eyes, I was in a snowflake kingdom. The ground was covered by snow, white everywhere, white snow drift, white tree branches, and even a fat little snowman. Bling bling stars elittle snowman saw me, blinked and blinked again towards me smiling, wobbled towards me, so cute. I looked around, it was silence, snows on the ground, white snow drift in the distance and this little snowman seemed be able to shine by themselves. Though it was night, my sight was not disturbed at all. I walked forward, wanted to check what else there were. Every steps I took, before my sole of the foot touched the ground, the rime fog on the ground scattered. So these were not snow, but a kind of energy matter. The little snow me followed me nearby, wobbling around, just smiled, didn’t talk to me, seemed to treat me as a guest come unasked. This world was so hollowness, so silence. The sky was dark, the ground was white, the snowman lived here, besides he, I saw a sleigh and snowhouse with a small dome. What a little world, what a clean world!
The little snowman had been following me, chubby dark eyes blinked and blinked smiling, I felt his kindness, so I let kaiyuanmiliu enter his body, settled here, clean the space here. At this moment, the world, which were supposed to be simple, changed. The dark sky lighted up, became a big factory, green and blue workshops, inside which a really, really big machines. A colorized sucker was extended from the workshop to inside the mouth of the little snowman. The round and bulging tummy shined halo, a ring after a ring, his face flushed. At this time, a woman in red appeared in upper air. Her hair was black, gathered into a big heart-formed knot, her face was exquisite, expressionless, like a dedicate Japanese doll. When landed on the ground gently, those little snowmen run towards her cheerly, trying to hug her fumblingly. She was the Goddess here. Once was captured and taken away by the enemy, now she came back again. The Goddess kissed every snowmen, the snowflake kingdom lighted up colourful neon lights, started be coloured. 
It made me touched that see the scene of reunion, I watch them hug and cheer on the side. At this time, the Goddess jogtrotted towards me, made a bow with hands folded in front. “Thank you, I am the little manager here. Long before I was expelled by the evil force, could not come back. Thanks for your fighting, make me come back again, and continue with works. ” the little snowman started open his mouth, told me that they had been waiting for me for a long time, they missed their mom (the Goddess) for a long time. They concentrated all the power of their own race to summon me, this was the reason we were here today, meeting each other.
Goddess of the snowflake kingdom leads little snowmen to administer the energy entrance of every sources of water on the earth. Import high level positive energy continuously to mountains and rivers on the earth, get rid of the impurities which was absorbed circularly. Water is very important to tellurian, control the energy level of mountains and rivers, control the energy level of tellurian indirectly. Negative energy once forcibly occupied the snowflake kingdom, made it not able to clean mountains and rivers and infuse high level energy, on the contrary, through every energy entrance of sources of water, input negative energy, made negative energy full of inside all kinds of being on the earth, controlled beings on the earth, controlled humanity. At the present time, the Goddess of the snowflake kingdom has come back, the initiative gets back to the hands of gods family once again. The earth is getting rid of the controlling of negative energy gradually.