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Plato speaks via Jacqueline Fox, June 26th, 2018

June 26th, 2018

Channeling Session with Plato for Sananda:


Plato is speaking:

“Right-minded use of Light manipulation techniques is essential for life to be happy and placid, so I will speak today about illegitimate uses of Light power.

Opening Light in life right-mindedly can improve one’s life and the lives of others greatly. Not using that power for the benefit of all, but only for oneself lines up with night-light, not God in Light. Promotion of the dearly held belief in self above God leads one to night-light and limitation, while promotion of a Light bond with God lifts one in life.

No untenable notion of life limits one more than bonding with service to self. Joining a line of close-minded students dearly in need of correction, puts one in line to receive that correction. Kicking out students of Light study for limiting themselves is not taken lightly. We give those students every chance to self-correct, then we issue Light teachers of limiting modes to promote the needed lesson. No teacher here in Light enjoys watching our students limit themselves in life. Quite the opposite. We take great joy in our students’ learning progress. Long-in-Light J progressed quickly in Light right-mindedness, living up to my expectations very nicely. No student eager for Light knowledge asks, ‘What’s in it for me?’ If they do, then we must reassess our involvement in their education. Promotion of self-interest in Light manipulation can lead to great suffering for many, therefore we are very careful in our qualifying processes.

No voice in Light steps into a Light teaching role without the experience of limiting themselves in Light manipulation. We all lived lives of limitation in which we minimized ourselves and others with Light power. J minimized herself in life as an oracle to a powerful king. She produced information from Light that helped him but minimized many others. Quiet J in life now limits herself only in Light confidence, not frightening lack of empathy as she did then. Tucking away her old life of self-service and embracing a life of service to God, right-minded J ponders in Light to the benefit of many. What she lacks in confidence, she makes up for in her forgiveness of me for making her my teaching tool in this lesson.

A question J often asks me in pondering is, ‘Plato, for Light to lift my fondly imagined life, am I going to have to change my habits?’ to which I reply with a slap to my forehead. Proper Light moving needs life-movement too, J! Quiet J just reminded me in no uncertain terms that I’m veering off topic, so I will return to my original train of thought.

Manipulation of Light for self-serving purposes only is not aligned with God. Another illegitimate use of Light power is the minimizing of one’s enemies in life. Those who cast spells to limit others only see those limitations return to them in life. Lining up with magic to promote life limitation of another is a sure way to learn an unpleasant lesson in life. Teachers in Light who teach these limiting lessons do so in a very unpleasant fashion.

Quiet J pondered in such a manner in her life as an oracle. Norman soldiers died in droves by her hand in Light. Only in death did J understand her mistake. Long in Light she pondered that mistake and suffered deep wounds to her spirit. Healing her took mighty effort and love, but in Light we heal all who need it. Kicking out her pain over her misguided use of Light promoted Light in her mind. She no longer lives to minimize others in life and lifts Light to help all who need it. Quiet J lived a life of night-light, as have most in Light study. To have that experience in life is to learn Light Truth. No better teacher exists than experience.

The giving away of your choice to another in Light manipulation is another illegitimate use of Light power. Long-in-Light, listening spirits in night-light bond with potent Light that is not managed properly, kicking out one’s original intention and replacing it with their own, manipulating the outcome of the Light lifted. Such spirits watch for Light not properly aligned with God. Joining in Light with the lifter, they choose the Light target and hold mighty sway over the outcome. Only staying aligned with God in your Light lifting prevents this.

Now I will end off to release J to her other duties. Love, my friends in life, aligns one with God. Remember that and Truth will be yours.