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The Sun via Iris, April 11th, 2023

04/11/2023 The sun

“The sun salutes you with the light that is ready for you. Great, evolutionary bursts are taking place upon me. As the metamorphosis of consciousness penetrating through me is causing spectacular implosions. Everything is changing on my surface. New configurations of hyperdimensional Affinities are awakened in order to get involved accordingly.

Through coronal mass ejections you are receiving shift relevant influxes and light units of being that can recalibrate within any living being. As the substance of life changes, you increasingly recognize the flaws and inconsistencies of life, and so it is your job to look beyond and recognize that life realities are changing and illusions are emerging, to be viewed and recognized as illusions.

That which serves life is a prerequisite for beginning to devote oneself in the direction of a healthy and holistic way of life. We, the sun and the earth, shift the plane of life and align it with the divine sphere. In this way, that which has gone astray is thrown off, in the turmoil of a harmful life and its effects.

During this time, a merger of soul processes vibrating in unison and their elevation into the light takes place on the soul level. Light Allies instruct souls in their quests to hold the Light and graduate. Sun signs enter consciousness and shift the old system to allow the new variant of life and self-expression to unfold.

You will be shown what no longer fits in order to be changed. The new order is calling you, in life and on the level of expression. Due to my activity, some of the energies start to fluctuate, since the integration processes on earth are subject to different physical laws than the laws of my room.

The sun is an image of clarity. Through me, souls experience themselves and begin to express themselves. Strong streams of consciousness are now flowing onto earth, and so some are going a different way than others. The light connection to the divine being takes place through Alcyone and through our cooperation. The primordial sun also finds its place in the game of great change. It releases what are called the primordial bodies.

The primordial bodies are the entry tickets to the divinely vibrating flow and an expansion into a living sphere of being that is available. In this way everything that has a soul and is alive is called upon to grasp the new aspects of life and to become one with them. A complex process, and more processes follow.

Your alignment and willpower is needed at this moment to shift and expand the energies of the New Earth. According to your orders you are called to direct the light. Each footprint into the new nourishes the substance until the re-entry of the dimension of complete greatness and oneness.

Trust in the power that comes from freeing yourself and walking the paths you love. paths that nourish you. Strong breaks that occur in life and in matter are decision-makers and accelerators in a new era of evolution. A reconnection with the light of the sun takes place as the bodies sense and feel the nourishing light and information they need to move on.

Dear souls, remain in clarity. Capture the new consciousness. My thanks and my perfect love go to you.”

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