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The Wolfs via Beatrice Madsen, November 4th, 2018

The Wolfs

November 4th, 2018

Channel: Beatrice Madsen


We met this channel in real life as you normally would say. It was a very frightening experience for her as it was dark and we showed our enormous power as wild animals. Her thought was when she turned around that I must not emit fear, because then they will jump on me and my life is over in this form.

That was true. As the Alpha male I felt the sent of her fear, but I could also feel her purpose. Her purpose was to go into the dark to meet what was there regardless of what it was. In this case it was a matter of going into the outer darkness in order for it to sound through into the inside. I showed my enormous power potential in order for her to understand our exceptional greatness and thus your exceptional greatness. All around me the pack made threatening sounds and a beautiful female followed her part of the way. The female wanted to show her the female power, which works so well with me, as Alpha male, or some other male.

We do not have your problem with conflicts between the masculine and the feminine. We collaborate! We want you to understand that it is time to collaborate, for real. Even if I am the alpha male I am not more than anybody else. I love my pack. I am tough, but fair. Nobody is in lack. I know that my pack needs me and I am nothing without my pack.

We exist. We exist all around you and we see and we are timeless holders of frequencies. We are very old, wise and powerful beings. We represent the wild, all that is and we come with the blessing of the Moon’s power. We collaborate with the ravens and for you who live in the cities the jackdaws are our small eyes. Next time you see a jackdaw you should know that you are also in touch with us.

We come in order to strengthen the wild within you – what is rebellious in order. That is a good summary for us wolfs. We are rebels, one can never know where we are – we are wild, we are powerful, but we are still in order together and we love each other. This is the way you should develop. Have us as a role model, since that is what we in truth are. Welcome to our world – creating beings. It has been a long time since last time.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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