Universal Mother via Linda Dillon, May 10th,

Birthing the New: It is Time for the Joy to Return! | Universal Mother via Linda Dillon

Universal Mother: Birthing the New ~ It is Time for the Joy to Return!

Universal Mother: One of the things that you are doing, and that the collective is being encouraged to do, is you have done deep levels of forgiveness as I have encouraged you to – and you have forgiven your sweet self, and you have forgiven me, and you have returned to my side for which I am thankful.

Your joy is being restored. Yes, the dolphins, they are miraculous at this, are they not! You cannot help but jump for joy!

Hualani: And they have returned all over the world.

UMM: Yes, because it is time for the joy to return! The various kingdoms are and will be making themselves known more clearly. I have said long ago that when the time of restoration came, not only would there be the return of beings… animals, dolphins, winged ones… but that many of what people have thought of as ‘extinct species’ would return – and they are.

And it is to teach… we can say “remind”… but really what we are doing is teaching the humans – the humans who are adult-children and children-adults – we are teaching them about the power of regeneration, of resurrection, and that there is always, always potential for the birthing of the New. To us it is always curious when we hear a human comment: “Well, that’s just the way I am,” or “that’s just the way things are.” [Laughing] It is a fundamental denial!

So what you are doing, sweet angel of light, what you are saying in the gentleness of your being, you are saying: “No! Now that is just not the way things are. Because I have not only a dream and a vision but a plan for the renewal, for the return of love, for the return of Mother/Father, for the permission for every being upon the planet to claim their child and to play and laugh and be gleeful like a child, and that no child of any age will be left alone, bereft, crying and hungry – none! – that nation states and political intrigue are a thing of the past, and that the abuse of power and the adherence to convenient man-made laws are a thing of the past.”

Yes, this does not happen in a day, but what you are witnessing, sweet darling, is that it can happen very quickly. And yes, as you have said to the channel, it is a wild ride but it is a delightful ride!

Yes, you do need to strap in, but once you have done that, enjoy it! Not in foolhardy ways, but in ways that almost invite not only the laughter but the silence to come together within you and dance in ways that create out of sheer nothingness the New… that the intention and the laughter and the prayer join together and raise Lemuria and Atlantis, and make way – no, not for devastation but for recapturing – not reinventing but reigniting what was useful, what was sacred, what was profound, what were the gifts.

This is not about creating the old; it is about birthing the New using what is at hand. And think of it, beloved daughter: what is at hand is an entire planet filled with resources!

Channeled by Linda Dillon
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