Love is our new reality

Elthor & the Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl, August 21st, 2018

Elthor & the Dragon Collective 8/21/2018

I am Elthor the dragon. I speak on behalf of the Dragon Collective this day, this night. For many of you are having your dark night of the soul moment and you are doubting that the shift is real, that your internal changes are real. You are hearing and seeing things before that you previously didn’t and you are doubting the change within. Doubt no longer. For your powers are coming online with the change in these energies as the rending of worlds and reality shifts are taking place and occurring deep within you and around you. Allow these changes to be the blessings that they are intended to be. But they are only useful changes to you if you claim them deeply, internally as your own internal shift.

Claim your power! For the time of decisions is long past and you are well on your way now toward the higher realms of light, of love, of joy and laughter. Peace! It is all around you and within you should you listen to its whisperings. Peace doesn’t shout. It is not bold. It is felt. It is acknowledged and welcomed with open hearts and hands and as it envelopes you there is great comfort. For all appears within alignment energetically for you even when the outer world seems in chaos. The chaos is just a byproduct of the great shift off the ages. Ancestral pain and anguish must be cleared. You all must be doing your work, the great work of transmutation in order to pull this off. You are an integral linchpin of ascension of the collective, for you are doing the heavy lifting and we dragons lend our support in this. Too long we have been silent, absent, and we vacated our posts of protection, of love and of guidance and support.

Be assured human that we have returned in full number and are bolstering the grid tightly with our light, our love and our fire of change and of revelation. New revelations personally are occurring daily, are they not? And you are not the same you you were even last week, let alone in 2012, are you not? Acknowledge these changes, these shifts of internal knowing and tap into your own inner wisdom. It is yours. It is your treasure of all of your lifetimes and experiences in this previously dark place. The treasure chest was locked so that you could not access these memories. But the treasure chest is now creaking open and your memories, which contain great power codes, are revealing themselves to you now. Drink it in. Drink in the beauty of the gold, of the silver cups, of the ruby and diamond tiaras. This is the treasure that you seek, your internal understanding and knowing – a precious gift. For your powers are not to be underestimated and your wisdom unparalleled.

We dragons see with our all seeing golden eyes of the Christed light. We see your Christed flame burning ever more brightly as your heart chakra spins ever faster. Galaxies spin, like chakras – do you humans know this? If not, what are they teaching in your schools? This too must change. Education must become purified so that return to Source is understood, the game is understood and the revelations for the young ones implemented. For they cannot be fooled. Like us, the young ones here on this planet are wise beyond their years, and hard to trick or fool. They come with the energies of the universal blueprints of the Christed light already ingrained and awakened within them. They will be the leaders of Nova Gaia. You adults reading this will be their mentors, their guides and support. For you adults reading these words of the Dragon Collective are our friends of old. You are the builders, the way showers, the grid layers, the foundation builders. And you have built and are building with the ease, grace and strength of the masters of old.

Many of you lived in those times of the falling of the energies, of the Roman conquest and of the wars too numerous to count or acknowledge. Many of you fought and died on these battlefields. We dragons assure you this will be a different ending to this current chapter you are writing, if you choose to write a happy ending for yourself. Invite us dragons into your homes, your work places. Invite our energies of the Christed light and of our fire to burn away that which does not serve, so that you may be purified in the process and all may be cleansed for the frequency of Nova Gaia which is resonating now in many places on your surface world. It is true. It is happening. I Elthor, do not lie, for that is something a true dragon is unable to do. We are love and light. We ride the wings of time, and we are the guardians of old returned. I am Elthor the dragon. I depart in peace.

~ galaxygirl