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A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, April 6th, 2019

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

April 6th, 2019

Channel: Carina


Dear Lightbeings, dear humans on Earth,

Deep inside you are now going through the hitherto largest transformation that you have experienced in your earthly life. The enormous energy waves that are created by the Light of the Era make you bewildered and pensive regarding what is happening within you. From the higher dimensions of light we wish to convey to you that you should be within yourselves as many moments you can every day and let everything take its course.

The feelings that are surfacing within you now have a strong connection to your old believes and lives in the old era. Remember that you have just left the time line behind you when you passed into the New Era and give yourselves that insight that you must have patience to let everything take its course.

What is happening now is all that which you have prepared in your higher consciousness during eons of time will now be taken down to an earth level of existence and be applied in your lives and humans. When the light that you have developed in your higher consciousness now is being brought down by you to your Earth level the collision between the higher consciousness and the old consciousness on very strong. Your old perceptions about who you are taken down, your old views about right and wrong falling apart and your physical bodies much readjust in order to be able to take in all the light. It is an emotional process and a physical process and it is very exhausting and required much rest, high vibrational food and water.

Many of you light beings call on us that you feel tricked. You experience on the one hand that you lived in a daydream in your consciousness that never will become true on Earth. On the other hand you experience powerful anger within you as your new light brightens up the lives of the old era you have lived and disclose all that you have created from fear rather than self love. Many of you become feel despair when you suddenly see how you have treated yourselves your whole life.

My dear ones, currently you higher consciousness and your consciousness that you have lived with on Earth since you came here are melding. You have been looked into a consciousness filled with low vibrating energies and have not been able to do anything else than the best you could do from the truth you lived in. Many of you have, in spite of the fact that you are not active churchgoers in this life, had tons of guilt piled on you and which has triggered your as soon as you have done anything good for yourselves rather than others. You have with you an array of twisted interpretations of the religion of the old times that has had as a purpose to keep humans under their control rather than making each human free and happy.

Understand now that everything has had its meaning even if you are having a hard time seeing it now. Understand that you were completely aware to you got into this in order to make this journey with yourselves. Understand that you have never really have been imprisoned for real – just that the Earth energy has offered you a different experience of yourselves than when you are in the light. The gigantic that most of you have created during your lives on Earth has not been anything else but a part of the earthly process that you have chosen to experience in order to gain a perspective on yourselves that you previously have not had.

The light of the New Era will now redeem the old low vibrating energies from yourselves and your world. This will be strong emotions for you to experience when the light uncovers the old as the illusion it has been, but remember that when the light uncovers the illusion your old light SELF is already created and ready to take over. It is your true and natural SELF and it has always been with you, but has been hidden by low vibrations.

To live in the New Era will be very easy for you when the so called shift is all done. You will find your way back to your light natural SELF and everything you see and have around you and you will reflect from that starting point. You will experience love on Earth. You will experience strong feelings of love towards yourselves and you will experience a strong and heartfelt power in yourselves. It is the Era of Light that has come to Earth now. There are still some of you who do not believe that you will manage to reach all the way to the New Era of light lives but believe us, when the shift is over you will all be home with yourselves again and none of you will be left in the old self that you have lived in during the old era of time Your light life on Earth is guaranteed.

We love you all dearly.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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