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Arch Angel Ariel via Karen Vivenzio, February 19th, 2019


Arch Angel Ariel via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, you have been feeling much discombobulation as of the past few days – since the latter part of last week we shall say that the energies afloat are due to the fact that you are actually floating right now, floating over one timeline into another – floating over the crossing road into the 5th dimension. The change is happening as we transmit this note to you. Our words are reaching you in both dimensions. In the 3rd/4th dimension you hope it to be true. In the 5th dimension you see the evidence of it before you. For you have taken many roads to get to this place, the period of transition which you are fully immersed in – it is actually happening and finally you can sense the movement you have been trying so hard to reach. You are wobbling back and forth as you cross over the gateway to the other side. All is in flux. All is in motion.

It is no longer up to you to decide – you are moving forward – creating the new you and all the circumstances that surround you are moving along with you. Clearing the way for miraculous resolution of all that ails you. Once the journey is complete and the crossing into the new land, you will emerge victoriously and all that currently ails you will be washed away / for that which is not of highest vibration will be cleared away during the period of the crossing, and the only remnants that make it to the other side, are those situations of the highest vibe.

There is a vibrational distinction within each dimension and those that are not so sure of where they will land, rest assured, all has been planned. For those beneficial situations that need a little boost, we are elevating you – bringing you up to the vibration you need to meet all the frequencies. For there is no room for error, no stragglers to be let on board, only those circumstances of the highest accord (highest chord) will be vibrationally connected to the right frequency in order to complete the passage. And when you step forward into the final chord, the higher dimension flows out before you, a symphony of harmony and blessings bestowed.

For this is the land from which you are told, came the Garden of Eden. It is the realm of Heaven on Earth and you will be reunited with lost parts of your souls. Parts you no longer remember that you hold. For you are the light of the world and we endeavor to make you ‘whole’ – bright shining lights with no holes – for the holes have been filled with the higher parts of your selves that have been waiting to join you in the massive parade of light – wings outstretched, ready to take flight.

We honor you and respect you for the effort and perseverance which you have displayed. We stand in partnership and great love for all of humanity. Blessings – This is Arch Angel Ariel sending you whispers of love on the wings of light – reaching out to you as you cross the divide, wings of angels pulling you through to the ‘other side’.


With blessings of love and light – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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