Love is our new reality

Ashtar Command via Beatrice Madsen, July 27th, 2020


Ashtar Command via Beatrice Madsen, July 27th, 2020


Note, there is nowhere else, no other platform where you develop as much as on the surface layer of Mother Gaia, Terra Nova.

You should be very grateful that you are allowed to join right now. This is my absolute opinion … Mother Earth is evolving at a furious pace and so are you. The light illuminates and penetrates, illuminates and rocks in confidence. Everyone who wants to, you have a unique opportunity to rise to higher levels.

View the beauty that exists and present it. Take advantage of the opportunities that have never been possible before.

It is in this time that you can fully begin to create your own reality. Your higher I’m is aware of this. At first you draw to yourself everything your thoughts think of, high and low. It is a process to be able to handle the manifestation. Try not to value your loved ones, but let it be as it is. There is some darkness that must come out and seen straigt in the eye before you get tired of it.

Many of you are already tired of the eternal struggle going on in the political strata. You see through them now and can barely listen; I’m right and this one is wrong, I certainly can and this one cannot at all. Think how much you would achieve if you cooperated instead to polemicize – To work for the highest good. Gather information and listen to different points of view and arrive at what seems to be the best for most people. It was so long ago that it was so simple that it can be experienced as virtually impossible. You go back to well-known and accepted perceptions of right and wrong, good and bad based on previous imprints and identity.

You need to peel off, your old hidden beliefs. They no longer hold validity. It is like the tower of Babel falling down. When the old ideas crackle, allow yourself to be in the void. Emptiness is needed before something new can be born. It does not matter if for a while you do not know what to believe or how the world is. Be in a state of emptiness and openness.

The new is born out of the need for its birth. It is not possible to stop such a process. In a while, your old attempts to point the finger and appoint scapegoats will be ridiculous. The old three-dimensional idea that it is always someone else’s fault no longer holds. It crumbles and behind the third person the real, spiritual person shines forth. Not without pain and birth pains but also with joy, truth, love and unity.

It is when you are in that state, of purity and rebirth, that we can receive you. Then invite us, Galatian beings who are a breath away and we come forward cautiously to reunite with you. It is as if we can be reunited after a very long, arduous journey. The joy of reunion is great and in that meeting the source of truth springs forth and cannot be closed. The time has come!

Ashtar with entourage



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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