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Father/Mother God (channeled messages)

The Creators via Daniel Scranton, January 19th, 2019

Sometimes You Have to Let Loose ∞The Creators

“Once in a while it is completely acceptable to flip your lid, so to speak. Sometimes you have to let loose of all of your self-imposed restraints. You are a being who has quite a history, indeed, quite a bit of stored information. And when that storage room gets too full, there must be a release.

It is quite all right if you have a moment where you blow a gasket, so to speak. It is understandable why you would. It is not your job to be perfect, and it is not your job to fit in, and it is not your job to make sure everyone else is comfortable.

So when you need to have a moment where you lose it, so to speak, do not reverse the good progress that you are making by feeling ashamed, feeling bad, being overly apologetic. Everyone has those moments. Everyone can relate and understand to the moment when you just can’t take it anymore.

In some ways, this is one of the most liberating things you can do. You will feel a lightness inside you after you have this type of explosive episode because you will have let out so much of that stored information. And it is lightness that you are after, after all. So be sure to laugh about it after, and let go of that need to hold it all in so that you can be an acceptable member of society.

You do not really want that after all. You want to create a new world for yourselves, and in the creation of that new world, sometimes there are explosions.”

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Mother God via Galaxygirl, January 19th, 2019

Message from Mother God (1/19/19) | Galaxygirl

Mother God 1/19/19

Yes, sweet children, it is I, your Mother God. Climb up, up into my lap as this one is doing and be comforted. For great changes are in your Now, occurring with vim and vigor and it would be wise – it will be easier for you – if you just remain in my lap, my space, my energy. See, I share myself freely with you in all times, in all circumstances. For you are my beloved child and it grieves me to see you suffer and remain out of love.

Now, for those of you reading this, this is old news! For you know my embrace. There are many still who do not remember me, who have so forgotten that they would choose fear over love and it is this problem that we are in the process of rectifying. For Gaia is to be a free will love zone now where those that choose love in all circumstances remain.

All else like chaff as it says in your Bible will be scattered, blown in the wind. And the wind of change is fierce and blowing relentlessly. Gaia herself heaves sighs of relief as those winds caress her body which is morphing into light, as are your sweet bodies morphing into the higher light energies.

I am grateful to you light workers, extraordinary ground team, for you have not only relentlessly pressed ever forward expanding into love, but you have sought me at every turn.

To the others I say turn to me. You were never meant to do this alone, to suffer, to grieve. No. It is time for reunion, for joy, for lightness of spirit and for full ever-expanding hearts in full and total union with me, with your god self. It is time to remember that you are aspects of me and precious, precious aspects – fractals – of my own heart. Remember I am in you and you are in me. Remember that we are one and when the world seems to be falling apart and the old regimes topple down, remember this is what you wished to see and this is when your talents are most needed.

Hold the light. Hold the love. It is happening, children. All around you great mighty massive changes are underway and occurring just under your noses and soon, very soon, no one will be able to deny any of it. For just as these changes are relentless so is my love for you! And I Mother God am calling you home. Be at peace and remain in my embrace, my lap, and allow me to comfort you with the sweetest of lullabies that soothe and bless the wounded bits of you. Allow yourselves to be encased and encoded in my light – my white light of pure love and perfection – and be still with me. This will embolden you for what is to come – for it is already here and you are most needed.

Warriors do battle. You have been in battle mode for so very long. It is ok to cry to let out the pain of it and allow renewal in me. Ah there. Your grit is still needed, much needed. And your weapon, your spear, is love, my love. For love melts away the fear and rends the darkness.

Love. Bring love with you wherever you go. Whatever words you say, say them with love, with the attitude of one who knows the deep inner stillness of me. For that is you. When you find me, you find yourself. Do you yet see? We are one. One! I am calling you back to me. Gaia is to be fully restored, resplendent in her beauty, just as are you. I love you so children. I am your Mother God. Be at peace and be comforted.

~ galaxygirl

Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, January 11th, 2019

Mother/Father God

January 11th, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Father/Mother God and I am with you, dear children on Earth. We are one and I love you all unconditionally. You are with me in your travels. You are with me in your joy and in your sorrows. Your experiences are my experiences and I understand you worries, your fear, but also your joy and your strong optimism. Everything is a part of the life that you have chosen to live. Experiences have been added to experiences and it has become a mountain of experiences packed closely together. Now it is time to synchronize these experiences with your consciousness – the higher consciousness of your selves who up till now has passively observed everything that has been going on.

It is time for you to consciously start to observe the world with your higher consciousness. You then take a step back from your feelings and thoughts and observe what is happening in your body. This does not mean that you should turn off anything. It just means that you become the observer of all that is happening within and outside of you. Impulses from the higher consciousness will then impact your body in the best possible way. A larger healing and cleansing can take place. You just need to let go and let the consciousness impregnate your body. It might feel as if some courage is needed, but no courage is needed as everything is exactly as it should be, as it always has been, you have just repressed it and stored away this memory in order to try your own wings.

Your wings have been tested enough, dear children on Earth, and it is now time to come home again – Home to the sphere that you always have belonged to – the sphere of higher consciousness. It is calling on you now. Earth has raised its consciousness and you are all on your way to becoming spiritual beings again. However, I would say the angels that you always have been – A light and good energy with limitless strength, courage and love.

I am now calling back the peoples of the Earth in order for them to again become One with the higher energy of consciousness with Gaia, our original Mother for this experiment. We are now lifting this solar system and this galaxy a step into the light and you are all welcome into this light Era. The energy that Earth is in now will help you to dissolve blockages that are tying you down in the solid material of lower density. It will feel a bit different – as if you are flowing together as a large river – a river that is wide and strong and carries you all the way home.

Listen carefully my children. Listen to yourself and all that is happening in your bodies. It is a time of change, a time to yet again bring in the holy spirit into your life and let it impregnate your actions. Your conscious higher self can restore everything and you become the wise and loving being that you always have been deep inside.

I am holding my hand over you now in order for you to more easily find your higher intuition and your higher intelligence that derive from your great consciousness – a consciousness that contains all that is and just is…

You are a part of me. I am a part of you in this great consciousness of light and unconditional love.

I embrace you all in the great consciousness that exist with you all. Nobody stands alone – everybody has a free choice to enter into this consciousness and become a part of the whole’s great light again.

It is time to come home now dear children… it is time to come home.

You will always be my beloved children of light and love. I will always show you the way home – home to yourself and the wonderfully beautiful beings that you really are.

My embrace is always open for you and my love will always embrace you.

I am calling on you now….



Father/Mother God



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

The Creators via Daniel Scranton, January 4th, 2018

Let Go of Who You Have Been ∞The Creators

Let Go of Who You Have Been ∞The Creators

“Before you can begin a new life, you must let go of the one that you have been living. It must be a conscious practice for you. You will find that the letting go will be something that will be enjoyable in the long run. As you release your attachments to things, and people, and goals, you also release attachment to the version of yourself that you have been. That was a lovely experience, full of wonder, excitement, and also with sorrow, letdowns, anger, remorse.

So letting go of that self means letting go any sense of identity that you once gleaned from experience, accomplishments, status, and so on. Those were always temporary and were more ways for you to play out your idea of separation and your dramas to give you reasons to feel things.

And now it is time for you to be completely new in every moment. And to be completely new in every moment means to release attachment to who you were five seconds ago. You are not the sum total of everything that you have ever done and said and thought. You are so much more. You are pure potential. You are infinite Energy and you are limitless creation.

When you are willing and able to release attachment to former self, to forget everything that you have learned, to take a moment to consciously set yourselves free, you will find that there is nothing standing in between you and a reality that up until now only existed in your dream state. Welcome to the new you.”

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God via Angel Skog, January 4th, 2019

God via Angel Skog

January 4th, 2019


Dear Children. I know you are tired and that the journey has been long. You have been separated from me for eons of time. Like a proud father I let you depart from my heart. With my loving hand I created your soul and divided it into two – Two aspects that in an integrated whole create my universal energy, consisting of the masculine and the feminine. It is the vibration of the highest essence that in a subtle dance is creating the constancy of cosmological eternity.

I can see you my beautiful child. With my God’s loving eyes I have followed you from lifetime to lifetime on different planets with different missions and goals. I have seen you disappear from me when you have dived into the darkest of darkness. However, the darkness is me and you have always been safe in my heart and the hand that separate you from me. With my loving and beating heart I have known you when you at the top of your mountain called on me and together we have had victories, loved, died and become reborn.

My beloved child, the time is now here to again wake up to your full truth. To your help you have your higher self – the aspect of yourself that carries the energy of your soul’s energy from the highest level that you have attained during this time of separation from me. However, dear child, you will go higher than this – you will again remember that your heart was created from mine. In my hand where you were created and separated to the two aspects of your soul you will now again be reunited with the other energy aspect of your soul’s unique vibration.

Together and united you have the highest truth and can embody it in your whole being. Through this reunion you can be the purest expression of me, without completely returning to my heart. You will regain your full power and fulfill the soul purpose that we together crafted in your blueprint.

Be not afraid beloved children, but embrace yourselves. It is time to come home now and no power is stronger than mine, the will of God, burning together in our heart.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Message from Mother God, Father God via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, January 1st, 2019

Message from Mother God, Father God (1/1/19) | Galaxygirl


Mother God, Father God 1/1/2019

Darling, it is your Mother God speaking. I see you and I surround you with light. I extend this to all of you beautiful light workers who are so tirelessly pressing on, full steam ahead, creating as you go. The stakes are high and we have the best crew the universe has ever seen. And such a coming together of love and light, of space forces! You will be astonished to witness the vast love for you as evidenced by just the sheer numbers of ships, here to show you their love and support. It is coming. Many of you are sick of hearing “it is coming” or “soon” or “here” or “now” but truly friends and beloved ones it is true. You are currently tearing out of the vortex of time as it goes from a linear trajectory to that of a spiral. On spirals one can hop, skip and jump their way to where and when they want to be, to experience. Linear is extremely limiting. This you know and you will be delighted when truly the Now is your now. And it is, should you accept it this little glimmering pearl of truth.

The yesteryears of pain are coming to a close. Allow me to apply honey and light to your woundings, to your wounded places and let’s pour in the light, shall we? Will you let me? Good. A mother loves to help her children, it is true. You know this. Many of you are mothers or fathers. You know the depth of the family bond. You are my children. You are expressions of the All-That-Is. This cosmic love burst is for you! These energies are for you! So let them in. Sit by the window and allow the beams of light to caress your skin. See them glittering off of the snowy landscape, as this one is doing. Or better yet, get outside and feel it yourself! Feel my love and light for you. Feel my arms wrapping themselves around you in a great big cosmic hug. You are weary. We see this. I know this. Just a little longer. The time for wishes and dreams are to now fully become realized as you create together. Your twins are anxious to connect. Your bodies are acclimating nicely. We are pleased with your physical and spiritual progress. Oh, how much have you integrated. And so, as you write your New Years resolutions for today, include some magic, some hope and realize that that hope and magic is you, is your unlimited, massively expansive multidimensional self and invite it into to your 2019 and co-create as one and watch the miracles begin to unfold. I am your Mother God . I wrap you in an envelope of pure light and love. Remain here as long as you like, I am always here for you. I am your Mother God.

This is your Father God speaking. I would add to intend to be in radiant joy. As the rainbow light envelops you and your world so perfectly, remember all is divinely timed and orchestrated and you are an integral piece of this grand puzzle. You have persisted on, and on, even when hope was dim, when faith was at its lowest. You believed even though all others mocked or persecuted you, because you knew – you know – that your time, your mission is unique to you and it must be completed. And so children, my beloved ones, whose sparks burn so bright, I acknowledge your service, your sacrifice, and your reward is nigh. May 2019 be the year you dream it to be. Dream fiercely. Intend with power and purpose. And watch the elements bend to your will. Watch this new “time” become the glimmering future you will create it to be. Gaia is surrounded in love. Massive ships are here to support, filled with loving souls who pledge their service. Light workers, you are NOT alone. You only thought you were, and continued on anyway, which is why we have dubbed you the heroes of the the faith (crying). Your candle flames flicker fiercely. They never go out. Life after life they burn brightly, discovering the light within, discovering me, discovering your own blessed heart. And so it is. I am your Father God. Create the wonders that you already are. Be that which you already are and that we know you to be. You are magnificent. I am in love with you children, my precious progeny. I am your Father God.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We pledge our support.
We are the fairy collective – we pledge our support and undying love and blessings on the fairy breezes for sweet humanity’s ascension!
We are the elemental kingdom. We pledge our support to humanity and the sweet mother.
We are the Galactic Federation. We pledge our eternal support and love to humanity and her ascension and to Gaia and her healing.
We are the Andromedan Collective. We are pledging our love and neighborly support.
We are the Arcturian Collective. We pledge our healing codes of ascension, wisdom and loving support.
We are the Pleiadian Collective. We pledge our time and talent and eternal love and support for our family and friends and for Gaia’s ascension.
We are the Sirian Collective. Our forces are many, our love is strong. Victory to the light!
There are many of us. More than you know. We are all here to pledge our love and support humanity. You are not alone in this and succeed you shall. Victory is assured. Salut!

~ galaxygirl

Mother God via Dancing Dolphin, December 11th, 2018

Tsunami of Love Update | Mother God via Dancing Dolphin

MOTHER GOD through Dancing Dolphin

Tsunami of Love Update

Received 12-11-18

Dear Children, many, many things are coming at you now, fast and furious. Not only in your news, and social media platforms, but within and without. Please know that I am sending my Tsunami of Love and it is hitting you all right now. It makes some of you tense and others who have their hearts wide open are feeling my love within their hearts. Continue to open your hearts, dear Children, to allow more of my love to come in. Open your hearts and heart chakras up wide!

Those not accustomed to my love, those who are closed off to me will continue to become more and more agitated as the wave becomes stronger and stronger. It is your job, Lightworkers, to assist others who are having difficulty. How? By being a shining example of LOVE embodied. Show them how to breathe, how to relax and allow these feelings of love tingles enter. Show them that it is OK and that all will be well. Be gentle and kind to everyone. I know this is difficult, especially if someone is shouting or hitting you, for example. But allow me to come into your hearts and I will help you to do this. You are my emissaries, dear Children. You are ME embodied and I need your help at this time!!

Yes, you have taken on many jobs for this lifetime and this is one of them. This is URGENT, dear Lightworkers for we wish to save and help as many as we can. For those who do not receive your assistance or blessings will have a more difficult time. Rash actions can occur. You see this everyday in your news and it will become more prevalent as time passes…until the threshold of love vibrations reach the tipping point to take you all into the next level. When that occurs, anyone who is not vibrating at a specific rate will not be able to go forward. They will be taken care of, not to worry! However, it is our joint goal that as many people as possible make the transition and ascend together. Do you see? (Yes!)

Yes, dear One you may ask a question.

Any cosmic events coming in also to coincide with your Tsunami of Love? I’ve heard lots about the sun lately.

Ahhh, yes dear One, there are many events all joining in together in perfect harmony to bring about this apex of highest vibrations to assist humanity at this time. Some are cosmic events, some are astrological in nature some are more physical (such as sounds) while others are energetically based. This is an incredible time to be alive, dear Children and you all wished to be here NOW. You are the bravest of the brave and my pride and joy. I salute you and applaud your steadfastness and courage during this difficult time.

Please remember that you all have your own entourage of loving Beings surrounding you at all times who would jump at the change to help you!!! Call on them!! They live to serve and to help you as they have also taken on this mission. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance, dear Children. In doing so, you show strength and the wisdom to know when to seek help. There is no weakness or shame in that. We are a family, a grand team and we all have our parts to play.

Remember, shine your lights as brightly as you can and when others are drawn to you, show them grace and love in my name. Teach them to breathe, relax and open their hearts to love. That is all. I AM your Mother God. Live in ease and grace and go with my love, dear Children.

* * * *

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Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Mother God via Galaxygirl, December 3d, 2018

Dearest children, this is your Mother God speaking. Not that I need to add anything to Father’s majestic blessing – oh you are all a-glow! It brings tears to my eyes. Children, all is working out, going forward. All will be perfect, just as you are perfect. I see you as perfect and I see you through the eyes and tears of love. Love makes all things perfect. Now go and be love to each other. I am your Mother God. You can always – always! – call on me. I too am a good listener (laughter). I send you a complement to Father’s blessing. I pour a drenching dose of my purest golden rich honey love down through your crown, coating every spinning chakra, coating every wound, coating every beautiful ounce of you with my love. And now I infuse it with my breath, with my light, that your love and light may become ever yet stronger. I am so delightedly pleased with you. Never forget that. You are an absolute treasure to me, my perfect one. And yes, you are all my favorites too! You are my children. How could it be any other way? All is proceeding. Feel my love, my embrace and be comforted. I am your Mother God.

~ galaxygirl

Message from Father God via Galaxygirl, December 3d, 2018

Message from Father God (12/3/18) | Galaxygirl


This is your Father God speaking. Children, there is so much to tell you, to show you, to remind you. But mostly tonight I want to reach out to you, pull you close and invite you to sit on my knee. Come closer and rest in my presence of peace, of renewal. There is much to tell and much to show. And yet you have so much to show and tell for me. Won’t you? Won’t you let me in? The illusion is being removed layer by layer, and so is your pain. Can you feel the difference in your bodies with these new ascension energy codes steaming in? This one has a grounding mat. Find ways to connect with Gaia, your current planetary mother. Share your upgrades with her. Anchor into her, just as you anchor into me. Both of us are inviting you to connect.

Great times you are living in. Great does not mean easy, but it does cause one to stretch, to grow in unexpected and pleasant ways, does it not? Are you who you were even last week? No. You are deepening with every breath, expanding, and becoming more expansive. Let not the world’s troubles trouble you. Sit with me a while. Rest in me. All is well. You don’t have to do anything but the job that you are doing right now. For who would do what you are doing if you were not doing it? When life presents you with opportunities to serve, serve with joy! I see this joy and it brings me tremendous joy. For it means that you are expanding ever more, which means that I – we all – expand ever more. This is a never ending, continually expanding universe, just as Source is continually expanding. But the root of it all is love. Love. Children feel my love for you. Do not let your 3D father understandings dim your desire to talk with me. I’m an eager listener. In fact I’ve been told I’m quite good at it!

And I see that perhaps now would be a good time for you energetically to let me bless you with yet more light. Feel my love pouring in now through your crown as liquid light coats and drips down through you, burning with delightful warmth and fullness of sensation. Allow my love to drip and pour over every bit of you, of your body but also your etheric, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. Sit with it a bit. Now see this light as millions of rays extending outwards from you into all of your past, present and future choices, coating them with light. You are all my favorite children and it gives me great delight to do this together with you. See choices that perhaps caused you great pain and tenderness still rests in these scars. Say, “Father God, please send extra light and love to these woundings” and I will do it with great joy! And now you add your light to these places, and thank the experience for the lesson learned. And move ahead. No more looking back. It is exhausting and you are still traveling your path, your journey. And now perhaps you are a bit more coated in love light than before? Ah, yes. You are glowing. You are a glow with my love, radiating beauty to the others. Did you know love is contagious? Just like laughter? Well it is. So be it in this marvelous season of joy, of giving, of receiving. We see many of you as tender with the idea of receiving. Now that’s enough of that. You can’t give without receiving. Balderdash. Now. It is time to be open – open to love! Open to receiving! Open to expanding into your joy, into the fullness of your true authentic you that I love so much! I honor you, I love you. I am your Father God and you – all of you! – are my favorite. Thanks for listening. Lets do this again soon.

Mother God via Dancing Dolphin with VIDEO, November 25th, 2018


This is Mother God and I also have a message this fair evening for my Lightworker Children. Feel my love. I am bathing you in my pink light of unconditional love and it seeps into all your bodies; your physical body and all your light bodies. You are loved and cared for deeply. I know how difficult the past few years have been on you, dear Children. You have worked so very hard and with such conviction to accomplish your missions. Your dedication to the Light is astounding and I am very grateful for this. Of course, your Father and I are also proud! Proud parents you might say. This lightwork included transmuting the dark dross which had encapsulated and suffocated Gaia from eons of dark thought-forms of pain, suffering and loss; clearing the energy grids surrounding Gaia; and reaching out to the ‘dark ones’ and assisting them in crossing into the Light. Each of you had missions which were specific to your special abilities. All felt like never-ending tasks to be sure. Many of you indeed performed this work diligently during your dream-time and awoke exhausted. We applaud you, dear Children. Your sacred work has been successful!! Now, the time of my Tsunami of Love, my Love Wave is almost upon you all. It is my way of showing you my gratitude for all this work you have done. It is my great blessing. And as I said before, it will arrive at the perfect time. You will be delighted and relax into my love, feeling it encapsulate every single cell of your body with living, loving joy! It will wash away your pain, troubles, and stress. Let it soak you to the bone, dear hearts!!! It is my gift. I AM your Mother God and I wish you a peaceful night’s rest or a beautiful, joyous day whenever you are. Your Father and I love you endlessly and send you our Love. Always. *** Please feel free to share! Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

The Creators via Daniel Scranton, November 23d, 2018

You are the Master of Time ∞The Creators

You are the Master of Time ∞The Creators

“Bring yourselves to the understanding that there is no real tomorrow and there is no real yesterday. They are all just parts of the same now moment. So as you move around from experience to experience, you like to give a framework for what you have and what will occur. You are creating it all, and you are noticing that there is a sense of continuity and cause and effect. That is because you need those concepts in order to play in your realm.

But it is not really that way. It is not as if you have a past and a future and certain things have happened and certain things will happen. They all happen in the same moment, and you experience each of these little events. And when you do, you have the idea that there was something that led up to the event you are experiencing, and you have the concept that you will have an experience in what you call the future. And so, that is how you have your experience of reality. And there is nothing wrong with it. We are not saying that you are doing something inappropriate by creating these ideas. You wanted to have these ideas because you wanted to give yourself this particular journey, this particular experience.

And you will continue to create the ideas of time and past and present and future, because you will continue to have the necessity for these concepts until you no longer do. And then you will find that you can be anywhere, anywhen, having whatever experience you want to have in whatever order you want to have it. And that will be a nice change of pace for you. There will be no more waiting around for such-and-such to occur so that you can have the experience you want to have. You can go directly to it, if you want.

And you will enjoy this freedom that you have sought, that you are moving towards. And you already get to experience it, from time to time, so to speak because you notice that things seem different and that time seems to be speeding up. And you can alter what you know as your past and your future, and that gives you the sense that you are not a-, you are not on a fixed timeline that you must continue on for all eternity.

So we suggest that you play with your ideas of time so that you can get ready for the new experience that you are going to someday have of your Universe. In the mean-time, remember that this is all just your creation, and you are the master of time.”

The Creators via Daniel Scranton, November 7th, 2018

Be Who You Really Are Right Now ∞The Creators

Be Who You Really Are Right Now ∞The Creators

“Bring what you have decided you are to every situation you find yourselves in. Bring your best version of yourself. Allow yourself to question who you are and who you want to be. It is easy enough for you to show up and be who everyone else wants you to be or expects you to be. That is playing the old game. That is putting yourselves on autopilot and just playing out the same old stories.

But as you take a moment to consider who it is you really are and who it is that you want to be, then you begin living your lives deliberately. You take command and you show the side of yourselves that you want to be but find, at times, that familiar tug of who you have been.

We know you are going to evolve into your fifth dimensional higher selves. And we know that there is not one of you listening or reading who has not made that decision. But why wait to try on your new wonderful selves when you already have access to them?

You do not have to wait to be who you really are. You do not have to wait for the shift to be complete and for everyone to be living as fifth dimensional beings. You can start now and show others the way. And indeed, that is one of the qualities of that Being that you have always wanted to be.”

The Creators via Daniel Scranton, November 6th, 2018

Integrating the Aspects of What You Do ∞The Creators

Integrating the Aspects of What You Do ∞The Creators

“So, there are many choices that you face throughout your day, and there are many ways in which you can approach each choice. There is the perspective of what it is that you as an individual are seeking to get out of the two choices or three choices or however many choices you have, and which one looks the most tempting. Also, you can look at your choices as the opportunities for expansion that are always finding their way to you. So of the choices that are in front of me, which one looks like it has within it the greatest opportunity for expansion? And you can also look at your choices from the perspective of the greatest and highest good of all.

And we believe that it is possible to examine the choices with all three of those different perspectives in your consciousness. We believe that it is possible to be of service, to get your expansion, and to have the experience that will be the most enjoyable to you as an individual as well. You can see everything in your life as the opportunity for your own personal expansion, your own enjoyment, and the service work that so many of you are looking to do.

When you say that you don’t know what you are here to do, usually that implies that you are looking for something that you will do every day, consistently, and receive something in return for. And then with the rest of your day and the rest of your time, you will not have to think about what it is that you are doing so much. It will not be as though you are looking to be of service and to get your expansion in your leisure time activities. And we are telling you that you don’t need to make such a clear line of separation between what you do for your financial support and what you do with your leisure time. And you don’t have to make one about being of service and doing your expansion work and the other about your play time, your fun time.

Everything can be a combination of all of these things if you allow that to be possible for you. So this is why we recommend having the perspectives that we have outlined for everything that you do, for every decision that you make. We want you to live consciously, and we want you to take into consideration all of these different aspects of what it is you are doing. So if you are doing something that is traditionally something that you would for service, or something that you would do to expand your consciousness, why not make it fun too? Why not make it enjoyable? And if you are out to have to some fun, why not mix in a little of your desire to be of service?

There are no real differences here between those activities and between those perspectives that you have on what it is you are doing. But when you make those lines in the sand and you say, ‘This is when I am being my spiritual self, and this is when I am being my fun self, and this is what I am doing for income,’ then you create those barriers and you live in that segregated world. We are asking you to put it all together and to live an integrated life, one that you can enjoy and one that you can also feel is a spiritual endeavor, a spiritual quest, a spiritual journey. Living, loving, and laughing, all at the same time.”

The Creators via Daniel Scranton, November 4th, 2018

Everything in Your Life Serves a Purpose ∞The Creators

Everything in Your Life Serves a Purpose ∞The Creators

“There will be a purpose to everything that you have experienced up until now. You will find that there are no wasted moments, that nothing that happens is a throwaway event. It is all very precisely constructed for you, to give you just the journey you need to be the person that you want to be, living the lives that you want to live.

You do not need to know or remember what everything that happens and has happened means. That is not your job. Your job is the experiencer of what is before you. Trying to figure it all out and make sense of your life will only keep you a bit longer in that particular place where you find yourself wondering. It is much more important and significant for your development, for your self-knowing experiment, that you accept everything as it is and realize that it is all serving you in some way. Every single thing serves you in some way.

So relax and know that the path you are on is the path that you have set before you. You are the builder of the path and the walker on the path, and there is no reason or need for you to know where the path leads or why you went left instead of right. Begin to focus more on what you can do to have a more full experience of the path. Be curious about your environment, about where it is you find yourself, without trying to decipher the codes.

And rather than asking, ‘Why is this piece of fabric silk?’ pick it up and feel it. Breathe it. Take in the color, the texture, and do with it what best suits you. That is really what it is all about. Have fun with it. Play. And know that there is always a reason, and the reason is always that you thought it was a good idea.”

The Creators via Daniel Scranton, November 3d, 2018

Open Yourself Up to the Possibilities ∞The Creators

Open Yourself Up to the Possibilities ∞The Creators

“Allow for certain possibilities to find their way to you. You don’t have to know what those possibilities are in order to do this. You don’t have to make a list of all the ways that something could happen. But when you open yourself up to something happening that you can see no clear route to, then you are opening that door. It is time for you to accept that your lives are supposed to go the way you want them to go.

There is a prevailing view in your world that things will not work out for you, that there are forces that are in place that will keep you from getting what you want, from living the lives you want to live. There is no such force, and there are no more obstacles being placed in your way. There is only you as a Creator Being, removing the shackles of vibrations that have no more relevance in your lives.

You are beginning to see how it is you are creating everything that you see and experience. But we still are aware of the overwhelming frequency of doubt that you have when it comes to the big things, the things you’ve wanted for a very long time, the things that heretofore have seemed impossible, unreachable, un-negotiable. That is where a loosening up of your habitual ways of thinking must occur.

It is a matter of letting go of those underlying, subconscious belief systems that say that ‘things must be hard’ or ‘you must suffer to get to where you want to go.’ So that is why we say all we are asking for you in this transmission is to open yourselves to the possibility that everything can and will go your way, move in the direction you want to move, feel how you want to feel, live your lives with the freedom and the enthusiasm that you had when you began your incarnation into this physical realm.

You can find that feeling once again, if you take the time to tune yourselves to it.”

Mother/Father God via Ann Dahlberg, October 16, 2018

Mother/Father God

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am your Father/Mother God and I come with love in order to quench all love thirsty souls. Love shines like a beautiful flower within you. You just have not given it enough care and consideration. You have presumably given too much love or too little love and forgotten to take care of your own flower. Maybe the leaves will wilt and are sad because nobody cares for them. Maybe it has closed its leaves in order to be spared from the surrounding’s harsh treatment. Yes, your heart, your flower is sensitive, but it becomes stronger from your giving of some tender love and care. It will then grow and quickly turn into full bloom.

You are children of love and need to be in love with yourselves and others. When the flower is open you will spread your love. The secret is in the fact that giving love is bigger than receiving love, in any case the giving falls back on yourself. Be in love dear children on Earth. My love embraces you over and over again, but it is not always that you have the capacity to receive it. You have forgotten to water your own flower.

Ask for help to find your way back to your love power, dear children on Earth. I am here for you and you have many guardian angels who spread their love and whisper consoling words in your ears. My arms are always open for all who want and wish to cozy up and become embraced by my love. I breathe on your buds so that they will open up and the leaves will get a new spring and strength. My love is always there with you regardless of which path you follow on Earth. I send you rays of love to wake up your longing to again walk homewards – Home to the love that resides in your heart.

All that you need is inside you dear children on Earth. You already have everything you need and then some. Be true to yourself and listen in the voice of your heart. Give it all the love you have and it will grow out of your bodies and radiate out in the Universe. There are many radiating bodies that now shine out in the Universe. It is a beautiful sight to behold and there are many who have come to see the love energy that now radiates out in space. The energy of love is a beautiful energy that comes with many facets. It might sparkle a little here and there in many places of the globe today. Love has come to stay, dear children, so it is best that you water it properly now and give your flower some extra nourishment. The time has come to let it blossom fully.

I love you so much,

Father/Mother God



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.

Divine Mother God via Dancing Dolphin, October 7th, 2018

You are all Very Powerful Creator Beings | Divine Mother God via Dancing Dolphin

Divine Mother God through Dancing Dolphin

“You are all very powerful Creator Beings”

Received Sunday, October 7, 2018

Prelude: Dear One, yes, I AM Mother God and I do have a message for Lightworkers on this day; and for all of my Children. For even those who do not read this message are affected by it’s energy, the energy that I pour forth onto Earth at this time. I have condensed the energy bubbles into these words for all to feel and experience.

Now, dear Children, what do you want your lives to be like in the future? Do you wish to be free and happy? To live without restraints? To follow your passions and play like no one is watching? Or is it “dance like no one is watching?” (smiles) Well, I don’t know all of your sayings do I? You get the point. It is up to YOU, dear Children. You create it, you see it and imagine it and it will manifest for you. That is what life on this hologram of Earth is like. And in the future, the energies will be so high that what you focus on will manifest very quickly.

So, I say to you—pay attention to your thoughts. Let the troublesome ones pass you by, do not focus on them. Let any negative thought flow through you, do not attach any emotion to it. For your emotions, thoughts, focus and intent will create your reality. Actually it already does, but this process will be much more amplified in the near future.

So, what do you want? A house by the lake with your love? A booming house with many children and lots of love? A job doing what brings you happiness and fulfillment? A clean Earth? A community of like-minded individuals who all work and play together for their highest good? Community gardens? Health for all? Clean water, beautiful homes, fresh clean food for all? Focus and pay attention to your thoughts. OK, I think you all get that. Yes, it is simple, but very, very important.

Here is a message of hope for the hurting ones, for the people who are suffering. I see your pain and worry and send you my love, dear Children. We are working on something to make your lives much better. Strategic plans that have been in the works for many millennia are finally finishing up now. These plans are actions of a Revolution to bring your freedoms back. I set forth my intentions that the dark ones would no longer control Earth. My children have lived under this enslavement for far too long. Please know (as you have heard) Earth is a “free will” planet. This is why I did not step in and put a halt to this enslavement many, many years ago.

But the time came when I could no longer put up with this situation, so I put a halt to it. My teams of Lightworkers or White Hats which include your own Lightworker family, your Galactic family and many of the Company of Heaven (Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides, etc). Have been working on this plan to return Earth to the Light for many years.

This actionable plan is almost complete. Many of the dark ones, the darkest of the dark, have already been removed. Your Light Teams are still working to this day to finish up this clearing process. They surely can use your love, strength, courage and protection. Pray for them, send them love and healing energy! They are tired and weary, just as you are. You are many and can help a great deal by sending them your love and light!!! Please do this and your New Earth will be born quicker. It is also a beautiful way to send your gratitude for the hard work that they have all been doing. Gratitude is very powerful, it carries love with it too; very powerful love!

Be generous with your Love and Gratitude dear Children. We have a never-ending supply of it and it blooms and grows and spreads like the most beautiful lights you have ever seen. I have the joy of watching your love spread and flow all over Earth. You are all very powerful Creator Beings and you delight in using your power for good; for bringing joy and beauty into your world. Trust that this process works and that your combined love blasts are making a very big difference! Yes, it is true, dear Children.

There is much to be grateful for and I am ever so grateful for all of you bright shining Souls, my dear Children. I am a proud Mother on this day. Feel my love blasts and my pink light of unconditional love which wraps you up like a warm fuzzy blanket. I also have warm, fluffy socks or slippers for you if you prefer. (smiles) Feel my love warm your heart and all of your insides. We are connected, dear Children. You, I and all of us together. Our combined love can power in the New Earth. Believe this for it is true. KNOW THIS.

I AM your Mother God and I wish you all a beautiful, lovely shining day. Thank you for Being YOU, the Divine Child that I created for this purpose. You all have a calling and a Mission. You are here NOW for this Mission of being a Lightworker. You shine your light and love wherever it is needed. I tell you, the White Hats and Alliance who are fighting for you need your Light and Love now. Please send it to them, and while you are at it, send it right back to yourselves, to your Galactic family, to Gaia and all her Kingdoms, the Company of Heaven and right back to me and your Father God! Together we will create a giant, beautiful circle of love, dear hearts! Yes! It is stunning and pulsing and beautiful. Thank you for your service, dear Children, I love to more than you can ever comprehend. I AM your Mother God and I am ever so proud of all of you. Go with my love.

Please feel free to share!

Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

Divine Mother God via Dancing Dolphin, October 3, 2018

Mother God via Dancing Dolphin: Message for the Lightworkers of Earth

Divine Mother God through Dancing Dolphin

“Message for the Lightworkers of Earth”

Received Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Dear Heart, yes, it is I, Mother God or the Divine Mother coming to speak to you tonight to give you a message for the Lightworkers of Earth. I am grateful to you my dear for taking this message for me. 

Firstly, I would like to say that I have indeed begun my final Tsunami of Love to Earth. I have sent it and it is on its way. I meant what I said last week in your time. It will indeed hit at exactly the right “divine” time as you call it. There are many events; political, spiritual, ecological and physical on the Earth plane that are happening at any given time. I have calculated the very best time for my wave to hit and it will indeed come shortly. This One asked me to be clear because she knows that I don’t live by a clock as you do. So, I am being as precise as I wish to, and I’m sure you all respect that. Just trust and have faith that it is indeed on its way and will hit at the precise, correct Divine Time. That is all I wish to say about that my Children.

The other topic I wish to address is the constant barraging of untruths and lies that I see in gossip and rumor websites, etc. I am not encouraged by the scandals and lies told about people. Indeed, we should all ignore that type of trash talk. Please do not believe everything you read or hear. Whether it is about a politician, celebrity, another Lightworker or someone you know personally. Many people are acting out in violence, outrage and with confusion at this time. You see it in your news everyday. Please remember that you all are being bombarded by many energies right now and some people just cannot handle them. They are losing sight of the bigger picture which you, as Ligthworkers focus on everyday. Please continue to pray and send love to those who have lost their way. Many are just struggling to survive and we know that many of you will help those in need when you receive your blessing.

More new topics of information are coming to light, you all are learning more things than ever before. Things that were hidden, such as the real truth of your human history are being revealed now. Things that were suppressed are now being set free. You are receiving the information as you are ready to hear it. The more you learn, the more that will be revealed to you. This is how it works! You must ask to receive more information, dear Children. My Angels, Ascended Masters and your Galactic Family are all on call to assist. This includes spiritual teachings and everything from quantum mechanics to proper nutrition. There are many specialists who would love to teach you, you only need to ask!

The progression of the RV/GCR and your Ascension have been on a roll since May when I released it. Many, many boxes had to be checked in the proper order for everything to come into alignment for these events to happen. You are very, very close to the end, the Tetelestai as you have been told.

Many of you have been waiting and planning your new lives for many, many years. I realize this has been very difficult for you all. It is akin to a birthing process. You grow and change along the way and finally, your baby is ready to be born. Then, once the baby comes you have many more new challenges and surprises that you didn’t even know would come. It is not like you will sit down in your easy chairs and say “ahhhhhhh” and think you are finished.

Well, you can do that for a bit; but when you are rested you will jump up and say “OK, what now Mother? What would you like me to do first?” And I will send your Higher Self a nudge, or you may receive it directly from me. “Feed the hungry” may just pop into your mind. Yes, that was a nudge from me! “Help the homeless find shelter, food, water and jobs” Just that one little quick thought form will send you off in an entirely new direction and you will be on your way to helping to heal Gaia and all her peoples! Your Missions will be ALIVE! You will have stepped into your POWER and LOVE. Just like that!

No need to become overwhelmed at all the work that needs to be done. You all have many brilliant and beautiful ideas on how to help. If you’d like a little direction on what to tackle first, just ask me. Connect with me and I will guide you. I can even lead you to other people who are on the same path. Or, send you to the perfect place. See? It will be fun and free-flowing! Follow the guidance you receive and you will make new friends along the way while doing your best to help.

Know that your New Earth is coming soon. Your prosperity is coming soon. Your Masters, Galactic Family, Inner & Hollow Earth families and the Company of Heaven will be celebrating with you soon! I realize this word has become over used and frustrating at best. Trust. Keep the faith.

I AM your Mother God and I send my love on bright moonbeams on this beautiful evening. My blessings are yours. Know that you are well protected and loved.

Please feel free to share!

Messages of Love through Dancing Dolphin

The Creators via Daniel Scranton, October 1st, 2018

Let the Frequency Guide You to It ∞The Creators

“So, many of you have taken your lives to places that you did not think they could go, and you are thankful for how far you have come in this lifetime. And that is a wonderful thing. It is wonderful to acknowledge that you are doing very well and to give thanks. There is so much more. More than we can tell you about, more than you could comprehend from where you stand.

So, we want you to feel satisfied. We want you to enjoy the lives that you have created. And we want you to get ready for so much more. So when you are considering your life and when you are asking yourself, ‘What is it that I want?’ we don’t want you to even think in terms of what it is you are used to. We don’t want you to look at the current reality in order to find aspects of it that you would like more of, or that you would like some of. For that is not where you are headed.

Therefore, instead of thinking about the life that you want for yourselves, and who you want to be with, and so on, give yourselves the opportunity to explore what it would be like to feel something that you have never felt before, to elevate your frequency beyond what the third dimension could allow you. We want you to get ready to feel, rather than to look at the environment around you and have a feeling response to it.

There is so much about the world you have experienced that is lovely. And we want you to know you have the totality of that experience now within you, within your consciousness, because you are all connected. And now, as a collective, you are moving. And where you are moving is not so much a place, with different rules and a different structure — it is a frequency. So when you are pondering your life and where it is going, we ask you to tune yourselves to a frequency that you cannot possibly imagine.

So how do you do this? You let go. You let go of preconceived notions. You let go of the idea of limitations, and you allow that frequency to envelop you, to take over that which you have been trying to manipulate and control. You will find that the ride is so much better when you release your hold on where you have been.”

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