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Gratitude and Blessings – The Angels via Jenny, 25 november, 2021

Gratitude and Blessings

We wish to be with you—with every person, every family, every gathering, be it around a table, a fire, a tent, or a cooking pot. Let us overlight each gathering and every breaking of bread. With every fisherman, every farmer, every cook. Our wish is for each meal to be known and received as blessing. All from the gracious heart of the Mother and the abundant Earth.

You as humans have so much. We wish you to know it and feel it in your hearts. These are extraordinary times of change, growth, and expansion in the midst of chaos. In order for the great changes on your Earth to manifest, the old ways must be left behind—the ways of greed, fear, doubt, worry, and lack. So we encourage you to find your joy at this time. It is there in small and large things.


Gratitude is helping to bring in the new world. Each day it can be closer. Today thankfulness feels familiar, but grace is always operating in your lives. When you sit together for your regular meals and for your special meals of celebration, take the moment to breathe in the graciousness of your lives, all within the Mother’s care. If you invite us in, we are there. If you say prayers, we will join you.

With your hearts open to gratitude and wonder, the many revelations will be easier to let in. Let us help you in this small but powerful practice. If you offer up the organizing of your day when you first awaken, you may find that things go smoothly, no matter the circumstance. This has proven to be most beneficial. Try it, dear Ones. Let us be with you in your prayers, in your visions, and in your hearts on this day of giving thanks.

We love you always. All ways. We love you and bless you now.