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Harbingers of Hope via Karen Vivenzio, April 25th, 2019


Harbingers of Hope via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest child, the word of the day is ‘hope’ – hope for a new future, a brighter life, hope for dis-ease to end and for love to begin again in the hearts of all / placing the fear aside and lighting you up from the inside. For in Atlantis, dear children, the light came from within. All of the electric currents and healing came from eternal / internal light emanating out of the enlightened mind. Creatures large and small knew how to harness the power centers within the magnificent structures of all life – through crystalline grids, and the DNA that winds, up the ladder of ascension, enjoying the internal journey, the hidden light shining bright waking up the unencumbered spirit / natures’ bride.

It is time dear children to harness your inner light. To build self-esteem and to know when you are right. To allow the magic of the universe to guide you and laying out a beacon of love to sustain you through the changing times. The powerful guardians of light are assisting you in your journey and many of you know them from other lifetimes. Other realities, realms, worlds, and places unseen. You know them from the land of your dreams. Take time in silence to sit and understand the words of wisdom from deep within. This is them whispering to you, let them in. Let their words of wisdom seep in.

Allow the presence of holiness to sink in.

Each and every cell of your body, and your light body, drinking in the wisdom. It is here for you once again.

Great discoveries will be made in this way.

Allowing the outer energies to fade away.

Finding the peace that hope brings in, and finding the peace to drink it all in.

Blessings of peace and hope – dare to begin again dear friends, for you are my masters, my soul, my keepers – for I AM the Nature of All Living Things and You Are the Fragments of My Many Shades of Light – I Am the Wisdom Keeper and You, the Night.

Find the spark deep within and turn on the lights – for you are no longer bound to darkness – you have been freed to shine and locating your light is the first step in recovering the path of the holiest of tribes – harnessing your own light to shine forth, lighting the lives of all mankind (from the inside).

Blessings of peace be to you, for we are the Harbingers of Hope calling out to you.

With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!