Love is our new reality

Sananda via Kerstin Sisilla, April 24th, 201


April 24th, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla


You stand at the gate. The gate is open so please enter. Enter and find all of us who are your old friends. We love you because you are you. You do not need to be different and you cannot. We love you exactly as you are.

Throw off all that is not yours. You do not need fear, discomfort from the past or planned future. You just need to exist here and now and face your beautiful core, your essence, your SELF. You are unique, not in the whole universe is there anybody like you. Exactly you was born down to Earth with your unique abilities, interests and abilities. Through many incarnations you have collected experiences and increased your wisdom yet more.

Understand that you, each one of you, are a unique beautiful being with a unique essence. We are all your friends, us who previously have done a similar journey and thus we understand you quite will – we are waiting for you now! We wait to reestablish the lost connection and to celebrate together with you. We want to celebrate in the name of the Light, Joy and Love.

We want to celebrate that the most beautiful planet in the Universe, together with all its inhabitants in the form of animals and humans, is healed in her heart and regains her former life force. So, take our hands and come with us! Take the leap right into our embrace and reunite with us who are your sisters and brothers. We wait for you with outreached arms, beloved friends.

In love through your Brother Jesus Sananda



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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