Love is our new reality

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, April 23d, 2019

Judas Iscariot

April 23d, 2019

Channeled via Ann Dahlberg


I am Judas and I just want to say that tomorrow is far away, actually so far away that it does not exist. It only exists in your fantasy and it is mostly built on what you already know. How large can such a change be?

Yes, mostly nothing new is added since the new is created in the new. Each inventor is in his “now” and can see all the possibilities that exist there and also that do not exist. They retrieved as a miracle in just a small thought, a clear idea, of how it could be. This is what creation is and it is done in your now, where you have access to all that exists. Everything that is created in this world that is for good of humanity is created in the now with the mind that is in touch with the all encompassing love. It is the mind of love that has appeared in the world through its creator.

You can all be a loving creator where you create a loving world. Creation is started within you in order to then explode outwards. What you share with other grow and get larger. It is the mind of love that is now entering on Earth in the form of a greater awakening. Humanity is waking up to its own ability to create and the act of creating is happening with the mind of love. It is only in love that you can conquer the world.

Many human hearts are now singing its love song. They march forward with peace and love in their hearts. All over Earth small miracles can take place today. It is you who in the name of love carry out these miracles. It is when you look at your brother with love in your heart that new miracles can appear. Together you change this world from one reality to another and this you do with limitless love that resides in the heart of each man. In the heart of each human heart love is rising and in this tsunami of love you wake up all since you all are one. Love flows from heart to heart and your vision becomes clear and peaceful.

You have powerful forces, dear Earthlings. When your mind is full of love nothing can stop you and your wings will carry you all the way there – to the portal of eternity where you belong. This is far from fears and death as love and fear cannot be in the same place. Love feeds love. Fear feeds fear. Life gives life and life is the only thing that exists. Life is love and you are love, dear Earthlings. Look at everything with love and love will grow within you. Love will give you the truth and the clarity that makes what you consider is and always will be in love. Your world has now changed from a kingdom of death to a kingdom of love. It makes you humble of mind.

It is a beautiful path that is awaiting you – a beautiful path with only roses and clean clear drops of dew. You are now home again after you long cumbersome journey and the joy is great in the Universe. The joy is great for all of your brothers and sisters. Everything that was separate is now whole and beautiful again. Love is flowing and joy of creation is back with full force, as in your joint creation rests the foundation of love and peace that you stand on.

Take these thoughts about love, creation and joy. Experience them in your now and the sun will shine lovingly on you. A new day is rising. Humanity has made its choice and have now chosen the path of love.

Much love,